r. Liu Changan kissed her forehead, sat beside her bed, and took off her sweatpants before putting her on the bed. After all, the afternoon class was an aerobics class, and the pants were stained with a lot of dust. Girls were generally not allowed to sit on their beds wearing pants.

She wore a skirt in the morning with safety pants underneath. She changed into sweatpants in the afternoon for physical education class and still wore the safety pants. Although Liu Changan found this look very attractive, there was no more scenery to see. , but the girl’s slender legs lying on the bed already make people want to move.
Fortunately, I just drank too much wine today, and there was nothing else in the wine. Otherwise, it would be nothing. After all, she is my girlfriend, and they are in love with each other. It is a pity that she did not want her when she was not the most sober and emotional.
There is nothing wrong with the saying that wine is a matchmaker for sex. Liu Changan felt that he should leave quickly, but he remembered Liu Yuewang’s toes, so he decided to paint something on An Nuan’s toes.
Liu Changan knew that he had drunk too much, but it didn’t matter that he wanted to do such a thing. He went to the bathroom to wash his face, then returned to An Nuan’s bedroom and found various colors of nail polish on An Nuan’s desk.
/When girls are studying, it is a very common habit to suddenly pick up nail polish and apply it on themselves.
Liu Changan took wet wipes and paper towels and wiped An Nuan’s feet. The toes were as delicate as a row of pearls from large to small, or like a newly born little white pig, lying neatly in rows to make people feel comfortable. play.
Liu Changan held the warm soles of her feet and began to write and draw on her toes with nail polish and other various tools.
Liu Changan returned home, watched An Nuan’s video of trying on stockings, and made two bottles of facial cream.
An Nuan lifted the quilt, took a bottle of water from the desk, drank it, grabbed her hair and walked out. She happened to see her mother walking out of the next room, but it was different from hers. Liu Yuewang’s expression was a little uncomfortable. .
“Where’s Liu Chang’an?” Liu Yuewang leaned over and looked into An Nuan’s room.
“Why is he in my room?” An Nuan said shyly, and then finally remembered what happened last night. He seemed to have fallen asleep on the sofa, but did Liu Changan take off the pants for him, or did he take them off himself? ?
Even if he was wearing safety pants now, wouldn’t Liu Changan do something to himself while he was drunk?
He will definitely do it. After all, she is a super beautiful girl and his girlfriend. It is understandable and excusable if he takes action.
But he didn’t seem to be able to do that. With An Nuan’s understanding of Liu Changan, he forced her to accept his humiliation when she was awake, making the innocent, shy, pure and holy girl tremble under his clutches and helplessly accept his abuse. Running wild is his style.
Hey, it was probably just to help he