iring in his heart, but he took steps towards the sea and said loudly: “Fellow Daoist Xu’s Daohai is really impressive. I admire you. However, fellow Daoist has been following me these days and has repeatedly spread murderous intentions. I don’t know what your intentions are. ? I heard that you have been hunting down other people who have mastered the Taoist Treasure Box over the years, and many fellow Taoists have died in your hands. This time, you are here to kill me, right?”

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw another huge Dao tree rising from the Dao light in the Dao sea, and there were also Dao universes hanging on the tree, which was breathtaking.
Seeing this, Heavenly Lord Xuanyuan tightened his heart and sneered: “I didn’t expect that Xu Daoyou’s Taoist practice has reached this point. You sacrificed Daohai first, and then sacrificed Dao tree. When it comes to Taoism, I have already lost. But the life and death fight is not only Look at the way!”
He was not intimidated by Daohai and Daoshu, but continued walking deeper into Daohai, determined to find traces of Xu Ying.
Xu Ying was a little hesitant. If he did not use the dojo to confront Patriarch Jing Ling and others, he could use all his strength to deal with Xuanyuan Great Heavenly Lord. But if they do this, Jing Ling and others will definitely conquer the Chaos Fairy Mountain and destroy every Hunyuan universe!
If he confronts Patriarch Jing Ling and others, then Great Heavenly Lord Xuanyuan will take the opportunity to find him and take his life!
At this moment, Master Zhong took the Chaos Bell and Linggu Bridge to the Chaos Fairy Mountain and killed Patriarch Jing Ling and others.
At the same time, Yuan Weiyang, Xuhuang and others also pushed Xinzhou over and worshiped: “Brother Nankong, Hunyuan Immortal Dynasty is in trouble now, please help me!”
The boundless Yuanshi Yuanshen in the new universe woke up, and then the petrified Nankong Garden woke up, took back the Yuanshen, and looked toward the sky.
At this time, a familiar voice came from outside: “Nan Kong, is it really you? Have you found Master Hongmeng?”
A beautiful woman floated over. Seeing Nankong Garden from a distance, she couldn’t help being surprised and happy.
Nan Kongyuan was also startled. The person coming was none other than his Taoist companion, one of the second ancestors of the Hunyuan Universe, Taoist Qin Luan.
In order to search for the Chaos Lotus Spirit Root, the two left the Hunyuan Universe and searched for the whereabouts of Young Master Hongmeng in the Chaos Sea, so they separated. Later, they heard that Young Master Hongmeng had gone to the Great Void overseas, so the two of them rushed there one after another and lost contact.
I never thought that Qin Luan Daozu would return at this time.
/Behind Daozu Qin Luan, True Lord Dao Ji came over and frowned when he saw the chaos here.
Seeing this situation, Xu Ying couldn’t help but breathed a sigh of relief and slowly opened his eyes. He saw the waves splitting in front of him, and the Great Heavenly Lord Xua