to me and we can have a good chat.”

Wang Xuan immediately expressed his gratitude with a sincere smile, and took the initiative to exchange contact information with him. Of course, he left the mobile phone number that was specifically used to connect with the expedition organization.
Xinxing’s project leader and other scientific researchers saw him acting like this and someone from the military spoke, so they all nodded with an indifferent attitude.
In fact, they had rummaged through this place a long time ago. The female alchemist did leave some artifacts behind, but they were almost all burned, and there was nothing else of value.
Moreover, they have used the most advanced instruments to detect it dozens of times. There are no interlayers in the cave, and there are no other special substances and energies.
Wang Xuan was very casual and pulled off a few stones from the cracked cave wall with his bare hands. His hand strength surprised the Xinxing people.
Although the cave has been cleaned, there are still traces of scorch in the cracks. This does not look like it was burned by feathers, but rather like it was struck by lightning.
Wang Xuan had no expression on his face and took away six stones in total. Then he silently stepped back, looking quiet, but in fact he was very excited.
Aoki sighed: “I am also a person who practices old arts. Unfortunately, I am not up to par. Although I admire the predecessors, I am not strong enough and I have to follow the path of new arts. I will take two stones with me as a souvenir.”
What can the people of Xinxing say? They only gave him a leaf. You can’t treat one thing favorably and the other on a stone, right?
/“Alas, our old path is over, and we can only hope for new techniques from now on.” The middle-aged man from the military stepped forward, feeling quite sad, and also grabbed two stones.
“It’s sad!” Jinchuan sighed, walked over silently, and put two fist-sized stones into his arms.
Wang Xuan was in a daze. He was convinced that these three people actually didn’t understand anything, and they actually followed him. Is this a monkey spirit, or is it just following the trend?
The people from Xinxing laughed and wanted to take advantage of them? It’s ridiculous. This cave is almost full of flowers. It has been tested a hundred and eighty times. If there really is something valuable, will it be kept by you?
“You guys!” Qian Lei sighed and shook his head.
Aoki, Jinchuan, and the middle-aged men from the military were a little embarrassed and a little embarrassed, but everyone was understanding.
Qian Lei took the lead and turned around to leave. Soon they took the elevator back to the surface and were sent out of the Grand Canyon by a small spaceship.
“Little brother, I see you brought out a lot of stones. It suddenly occurred to me that if my comrades ask for it from me, I don’t have enough for two. You can give me one or two more.” The middle-aged man in the army He looked at Wang Xuan with a sincere expression.
Wang Xuan sighed, this man who was so polite earl