t went all out, the green light shot into the sky, and turned into a huge blue divine wolf with crystal hair and wide mouth fangs. It rushed towards Wang Xuan, and a terrifying demonic light shot out from its bloody mouth.

“How come you have become weak, your realm has dropped, and you are going back as you live?” Wang Xuan was surprised. Qing Lang was originally in the early eighth stage, but now he has fallen to the seventh stage.
“I#!” Qinglang was shocked. The opponent was not simply improving with limited strength, but had broken through the original realm. It feels that this is inconsistent with common sense.
/During the day, the extraordinary aftermath shook again, and it angrily discovered that the myth was becoming more and more corrupt, and its realm had fallen. But what about the other party? Their level has improved!
How is this possible? He couldn’t believe his eyes.
There was no suspense in this battle. Wang Xuan’s fist flashed across it and exploded, causing blood to rain all over the sky!
“After the demon ancestor crosses the border, he will kill all of you, and the earth will flow into rivers of blood!” Qing Lang’s soul howled.
“Demon Ancestor Qi Yi? A peerless demon. It doesn’t matter, I will collect him when he crosses the border!” Wang Xuan said calmly, and the silver fist light flashed across again.
Qinglang was shocked, and then horrified, could one person’s fist kill the soul? It didn’t even use its mental power, so it didn’t have time to think about it. It exploded completely, destroying both body and soul.
“The silver secret energy is very strong!” Wang Xuan assessed that this newly emerged energy could be extraordinary and extremely powerful. He became more and more confident about that new path.
On the new moon, “Lao Zhang” stared at the bronze mirror and saw a spaceship that looked very old.
In the deep space, an ancient and extremely large spaceship is slowly approaching, approaching the new star!
/In the starry sky, an old spaceship with a very contemporary feel came silently, not very far from the new star.
It is very large, with a retro style, or it is very ancient, but its power system and other features are far beyond those of modern spacecraft.
Not long after, a special hatch opened on the top of the spacecraft, and several robots walked out of it, standing on the huge spacecraft and looking ahead.
If it were a human being, a carbon-based creature, in this cosmic environment, it would probably die instantly.
They were silent, standing on the spaceship, as motionless as stone statues.
Several robots are also very old, even broken, and their bodies are damaged. Some are missing an arm, and some have broken shoulders. Even active metal has not repaired the wounds.
It was vaguely visible that strange substances seemed to be entangled in those fractured areas, making them irreparable.
On the new moon, “Old Zhang” held a rusty bronze mirror and wiped the mirror surface. He looked at it again and again, and couldn’t help frowning: “Deep space civilization, what era are the