d as the Demon Lord, and her strength is terrifying. She just killed a peerless master not long ago, and she is quite intimidating.

Her relationship with the female alchemist was up and down and very complicated. Sometimes she called Fang Yuzhu sister, and sometimes she called her “that woman”.
The Demon Ancestor immediately spoke. He and the Demon Lord were naturally at odds with each other. Since the rising star of the red-clothed Demon Fairy, he, the peerless ancient demon, has had most of his power taken away. He is not the only one who has the final say over the Demon Clan, and it is getting worse. .
“In this world, sheep eat grass and wolves eat meat. These are the laws of nature. You can’t let the lions change their habits and eat leaves, right? When the demon tribe returns and is not allowed to eat meat, how will they survive?”
“Those who can return have all transformed into humans, treating themselves as humans.” The female demon fairy in red said nonchalantly.
Lao Zhang smiled all over his face and said: “Lao Qi, your question is simple. When the time comes, you can start the animal husbandry business, or even jointly operate with the large slaughterhouse of Nether Blood. Then you will eat meat and he will drink blood.”
Demon Ancestor stared at him and said nothing for a while.
“Everyone, you can mention anything. Everything can be discussed and a consensus can be reached.” The female alchemist said.
Some people are slandering it, so why mention it? You have already arranged for herders, butchers, tour guides, etc. If anyone mentions it again, I still don’t know what occupation you have arranged for them!
Ling Luanxian nodded and said: “Second the proposal!”
Some extremely powerful people have expressed their opinions one after another. They don’t have too many objections to this article. Extraordinary people are not allowed to harm ordinary people. It is considered passed.
They are peerless strong men who have gone through all the paths they should take, including alchemists, Taoists, Buddhists, demon cultivators, golden elixirs, radiation, etc., all kinds of cultivation paths, and all mythological methods have been tried.
“Fairy Fang, is there any way you can really create a new world and recreate the mythical world?” someone asked.
Fang Yuzhu shook his head and said: “I don’t. We are just trying our best and not forcing results. We will do as much as we can.”
She added: “For example, we can reopen all the sealed places and leave them to future generations to experience. Maybe we can give birth to a different path to mythology.”
/“Oh, so you are willing to open the alchemist’s pure land?” Demon Ancestor said.
“Okay, while it can still be opened now and it is not dry yet, I am willing to restart the Pure Land of Alchemists.” Fang Yuzhu nodded.
She looked at the Demon Ancestor and said, “Can the Demon Divine Soil also break the seal?”
“No problem!” The red-clothed female demon fairy smiled and nodded.
Demon Ancestor felt a tightness in his chest. Before he even nodded, Demon Lord agreed