eart, and he held back a heavy sigh. He was beaten to death by the dragon and the silver-haired young man, and he had no chance to take revenge.

He desperately stabbed various objects with iron picks at the bottom of the sea, such as rolling rotting battleships, huge blocks of divine iron, etc., trying to stabilize himself and not be pulled away, but it was useless, even those giant objects were being pulled towards him. In the center of the sea of ??light, approaching death.
He was almost exhausted, the body of the soul was shaking, and the light kept rising. However, the power in the deep sea was irresistible!
He couldn’t even replenish his physical strength. Not only was the Crystal of Creation in his hand lost, but also the few pieces he found earlier on his body were hit by the silver-haired young man and the giant dragon and fell out.
“I’m really unwilling to die in a place like this. I’m so frustrated.” For a moment, he thought of his parents and many other people.
“I haven’t married yet and have children. I still have many regrets. There are still people waiting for me. I discovered the Land of Nothingness and the Meteorite Road. I also want to see what is behind them. I am only in my twenties, Fenghua Zhengmao, I also want to reshape the myth.”
He had all sorts of messy thoughts, unwilling to resist the gravity of the sea of ??light.
At the last moment, he also thought of the two culprits. The silver-haired young man was clearly ridiculing him after knocking him into the deep sea, and the dragon, who was full of disdain and indifference before leaving, was scorning him.
Finally, when Wang Xuan was swept into the depths of the sea of ????light, he bumped into a few crystal stones. He quickly grabbed one and absorbed the super-grade energy that was close to reality.
But it still doesn’t help. He can’t break free or escape. The abyss swallowing the extraordinary and the myth seems to really exist. The gravity is increasing, and his soul is roaring. If he continues to fight like this, he may directly disintegrate and die. .
/“This is”
/When he was pushed far downstream and entered the deep sea, he saw more and more strange objects. Occasionally, a large number of crystal stones swam by like a school of fish. They were very dense and very attractive.
Ahead, there are colorful and many huge bubbles, which contain substances that are closer to reality.
Wang Xuan’s heart moved. He saw some familiar terrifying substance. In the huge bubbles, red clouds surged like flames and thunder.
This was similar to the red glow he saw in the Land of Nothingness, and was very violent.
There is not just one huge bubble, but clusters of bubbles, red clouds, and of course other super substances.
“Take a risk and detonate them!” Wang Xuan was fierce and ready to fight. He wanted to break the balance of this area and rush out of the sea of ????light. As long as he left the sea, everything would be easy.
He rushed over, waved the iron drill in his hand, and attacked violently to break open these huge steam drums.