an immortal. Do you want me to go over and help you?” Wang Xuan’s mother asked.

“No, Mom, please don’t end up in this situation. I know everything!” Wang Xuan immediately stopped him.
“What do you know? You don’t even know how to grasp it. Gods are also human beings. Meeting in the world of mortals is fate!” Wang Ma hates that iron cannot become steel.
Next door, Fang Yuzhu was reading a book. The focused and quiet woman was the most beautiful, elegant and beautiful, with long hair hanging naturally on one side of her pretty face. She put down the book and smiled when she heard the conversation, but she was not angry.
Then, she heard Wang Ma’s more radical words.
“Son, wait, your dad and I will go over immediately and go to Ancheng to help you. We have identified this daughter-in-law!” The two of them wanted to come over.
“Stop, you don’t understand anything. You don’t know what’s going on here. Don’t get involved. Okay, I’m done.” Wang Xuan didn’t want to talk anymore.
After all, Fang Yuzhu is a top figure among the gods. Even though she is very generous, it is still too “aesthetic” for her to hear others mention her marriage.
Therefore, Wang Xuan still felt a little guilty and stopped his parents from talking any more.
/“If you dare to hang up, we will go there overnight!” Over there, Wang Xuan’s mother was dissatisfied with his perfunctory behavior and was angry with him, feeling that he was not proactive enough.
“You don’t understand. Extraordinary things are not in the human world. It’s very complicated. Mom, dad, don’t say anything. I’ll explain it to you later.”
“Why don’t we understand? Recently, our relevant departments in Pingcheng have a very clear understanding of various secrets of mythology. We know more than you do.”
Wang Xuan didn’t want them to be so concerned. They didn’t know the various mentalities of immortals in the human world. Not everyone would choose to return to the world of mortals.
Wang Ma said: “In this age, how can you become an immortal or find a place of eternal life? Cherish what is in front of you is the real thing. The so-called prosperity has faded, the immortality has withered, and we have to return to our original nature. The ordinary and the ordinary are the roots. Look for him among the crowd. Thousands of times, I suddenly looked back, and that person, that place of eternal life, was in the dim light.”
Wang Xuan stared blankly, his mother had educated him.
“I’m telling you, in this day and age, it’s okay to pursue the extraordinary, but don’t get carried away.” Mother Wang warned.
“I see!”
/“What do you know? Most of what you desire, what you are willing to give everything for, and what you can’t wait to jump forward are all illusions and will never be reached. What you want, what you are obsessed with, what you pursue fiercely, the closer you get, the closer you get. Out of reach. Otherwise, you are like that moth. What you yearn for is light, but what you get is fire. It burns the truth and burns your body. It wants your life.”
Wang Xuan was shocked by his m