o shocking.

At this critical moment, there are naturally people who are moving quickly, wanting to seize the present moment, seize the opportunity of this special moment, and capture the Feathered Banner. The “Ancestors of the Netherblood Cult” act decisively.
Who are these people? There is no simple person, they are all ruthless. Even if they are smiling on weekdays, when their interests are really at stake, they are all masters cutting leeks with a sharp sickle.
Once the peerless creature is rolled up, it will be even more terrifying!
There is no doubt that during this process, there are also people who are throwing cold arrows at Hengjun, so please give him a try!
Not to mention other people, even the mysterious man in gold robe next to Hengjun changed his expression three times. He was first stunned, then stunned, and then a fierce light flashed in his eyes. Even he wanted to seize Hengjun’s most precious feather banner. !
“Everyone, kill Hengjun first. At the worst, break his arm and prevent him from reorganizing his body!” shouted one of the “Ancestors of the Dark Blood Cult.”
“Kill Hengjun!” Another “Ancestor of the Dark Blood Sect” echoed and shouted loudly.
The Dark Blood Legion roared, all of them were peerless figures. For a moment, their fist seals covered the sky, their sword light split the fairy world, and their magic bodies roared, all of them struck fiercely.
“Feathering Banner, come back!” Hengjun was anxious. He was avoiding the strangulation of the ruthless disciples, wandering across the fairy world, trying to regain control of the treasure.
In the huge palace of decayed blessed land fragments, the man with half of his face exposed and part of his bones sighed: “It turned out to be the Old Testament, and you found it. Back then, I came to the depths of the huge palace in the center of the earth just to find it, thinking that it was here. , it was difficult to open this place, but unexpectedly it was all in vain.”
If he had the Old Testament in hand, he would have been even more powerful than he is now, becoming a legend, and his body would always be in the human world, instead of being half-rotten like now.
“The Old Testament was originally driven into the depths of the universe, combined with the rules, and allowed to appear on one living planet after another, but its carrier was actually found!”
/The man in black robe spoke. Now he could not advance or retreat. Today’s situation made him very passive.
/“The Old Testament is an intertwining of the supreme rules of the fairy world. When the myth comes to an end, it can be turned into the firewood of the avenue, the fire of civilization, and refined into a treasure unique to an extraordinary civilization.”
The strong woman surnamed Mu, who came from the center of the earth with a withered face and a veil, couldn’t help but speak. Her eyes were full of desire, but also fear.
In fact, the fact that he was injured and escaped last night without being shot to death at the scene is enough to illustrate the problem. This mysterious man wh