serious. He knew what it meant to be a powerful god, and he was not reassured by Wang Xuan’s strength.

The great alchemist Xu Fu nodded and said: “In some sects, so many incarnations are not weaker than the main body. People who dare to practice like this are either mentally ill or about to have a complete personality split!”
A blinding silver light swept across the decaying barrier. The divine ring outside the body of the silver-haired god surged and expanded outwards. His body was stained with blood.
He was injured, but his extraordinary power was increasing. He was blocked in the human world, and blood dripped from the corner of his mouth, which made the killing intent in the depths of his eyes continue to rise.
/For a moment, the endless maple forest appeared, ablaze with red fire. It was the place where his soul was sublimated. Then it exploded, and the world was replaced by silver flames. Indifferent voices echoed throughout the world.
“How can the three slashes of the gods be in vain? Backtrack!”
This time, his voice was not loud, but it gave people an endless sense of chill and oppression, like a doomsday judgment led by the most powerful god to punish the gods.
Everyone, no matter how they defended themselves, no matter where they stood, were affected. The three slashes of the disappearing gods seemed to be tracing back to the past and slashing back.
First, it cut through time and space. The Yuhua Palace suddenly blurred and collapsed, and was affected by a dazzling silver light. Wherever it passed, it was destroyed and the void collapsed!
Then came the Yuanshan Shen. Those present were spiritual bodies, all of them had broken through their defenses. Their injuries were either minor or severe. They were struggling in the twisted void, and each of them was penetrated by a ray of silver light.
The last step was to cut off the body. Wang Xuan’s chest was torn apart by the brilliant light of the gods, and a large amount of blood spattered. This blow was not light, and it penetrated his body.
The thorn-headed Lao Zhang got angry and said: “How dare you hurt me, and all the clones haven’t taken action to kill him? This is a shame, he is just a foreign god, how can he let me bleed!”
“Three cuts of the gods, what about looking back? It’s just the oscillation of the remaining power of order. Do you want this effect? ??Give it back to you!” the Demon Lord said.
/For a moment, the song of Ten Thousand Immortals Crossing the Tribulation reappeared, and the thunder light fell one after another on the top of the silver-haired god’s head, exploding violently, causing him to stagger backwards.
His eyes were even colder, and his shoulders, chest, and back were split open, and there was divine blood dripping from the burnt blackness.
The mysterious man who was reborn from the ashes of Zheng Yuantian said: “Dear clones, I am the main body. I should ask for an explanation for you. The immortal fetus has become parasitic and has taken the position of the most powerful god instead!”
In the body of the silver