rits, and some evolved from the extinguished fairy world. They are all considered to be relatively special sources.

“Shang Yi was seriously injured back then. He was chased by several mysterious old men, who blew up his interior location, leaving him severely injured and close to death.”
Sure enough, Zhang Qifan knew some valuable news.
“He once carried the Feathered Banner to several dead places to seek magic medicine, and finally went to the land of technological life. His life and death were a mystery, and there was no news again.”
“Is it possible that he died?” Wang Xuan was surprised, but he felt that the sword madman could not die so easily. He was also exposed in the interior of the scene back then, and he is still alive and well now.
“According to what Shang Yi said back then, he was either recovering from his injuries or entering the highest spiritual world.” Zhang Qifan said.
/“The Feathering Banner, is it no longer in this universe?” Wang Xuan said to himself, there is no more suitable treasure than this ominous treasure to be smelted into the killing formation.
He asked again: “Are the land of technological life and your ancestors from the place where the Ming Dynasty died are all spirits from another universe?”
“I have to correct you. Our ancestors are not evil spirits. Only those ‘experiencers’ who walk in chaotic time and space and are difficult for ordinary people to see, and who have fallen, can be considered evil spirits. My ancestors have flesh and blood. They were in the It appeared in a normal era, and the timeline is not abnormal.”
Zhang Qifan revealed very unusual news, but that was all. This was recorded in the autobiography of his ancestors that he found in the library of the dead.
“By the way, the Blue Lake Death Land was destroyed and removed from the Eight Great Death Lands.” Zhang Qifan lowered his voice and said, his face turned slightly pale.
/“Which place is the Blue Lake? It can’t be the one I’ve been to, right? There’s a ferryman, and there’s a giant beast whose eyes turned into the moon and looked down in the sky.”
Zhang Qifan nodded solemnly and said: “That’s where it was. It was destroyed three years ago. It was bare and turned into a dead place.”
Wang Xuan was moved, it was definitely not simple there, and said: “Isn’t that giant beast a weapon? It is a semi-mature treasure.”
“Want to see it? The Blue Lake was transferred to this planet before the myth decayed.”
“You brought me here on purpose.”
In the extraordinary era, the dead can travel through time and space and can land on some planets with mythical attributes.
“Okay, let’s go and have a look.” That night, they set off there, which was three thousand miles away from the elves’ habitat.
Under the moonlight, there was no grass growing in front, exuding a rotten atmosphere. The bright moon in the sky at this time was naturally not the huge eyeball it used to be.
This is the normal moonlight shining down. The original blue lake has dried up. In fact, it is actually very large, covering an area of ??hundreds of