this bloody battle.

During this period of time surrounding the attack and defense of Bailu Mountain, the good and the evil factions, God knows how many monks have died among the rocks, vegetation, and trees on that mountain. Even at the most gentle time, the situation of attack and defense will change in ten days or so, and attacks will be fought against each other. When the war is at its most brutal, the situation can be reversed and reversed several times in one day.
Perhaps, it is precisely because too many lives have perished in it. The remaining power of the gods, the remaining vitality and blood, the remaining aura of Taoism, everything is there under the influence of the supreme Feng Shui. Wrapped in a bag as it circulates, the mountains and rivers are used as cauldrons, the energy of nature is used as firewood, and the essence of all these creatures after their death is rolled up and stewed in one pot.
Master, you should be well-versed in the principles of alchemy, and you should be able to understand that if there is such a messy stew, the various remaining auras are constantly interfering with the energy, blood and Taoist power that cannot be dissipated. , between their respective camps, the magic powers of good and evil, whether light or evil, are constantly intertwined and infiltrated with each other. It is not a furnace of treasure pills, but a furnace of thunder and fire that is constantly brewing!
However, Bailu Mountain is so important, even if it senses the change in the aura, it is impossible to give this place away, so in the inevitable and continuous fighting of “adding bricks and mortar”, in the furnace of thunder and fire, the condiments The more he licked, the more he licked, until at a certain moment, a few days ago, when such disturbing energy reached the upper limit of the flow of wind and water here.
This furnace of thunder and fire got what it wanted, and exploded when both the good and evil monks had expected it.
The explosion of that furnace of thunder and fire was not an accident, but what was really surprising was that at the same time as the thunder exploded as the energy shook the mountains, there was something full of decay and brewing something new. The Sumeru storm with extremely turbulent power soared into the sky from the center of the thunder!
/It was a Sumeru storm that even the elders of the Golden Core Realm did not dare to step into easily, but the octogenarian elders who had been there for many years, who were as scholarly as heavenly beings, discerned the unique decadent atmosphere in the Sumeru Storm.
The elder believes that under the continuous mountains, there is a fragment of Sumeru suppressed, which contains a fragment of the ancient world. ”
When he heard this, Chu Weiyang suddenly raised his eyebrows.
“Fragments of Sumeru?”
Even if I haven’t seen it with my own eyes, just relying on what Gong Wanzhu said, whether it is Bailu Mountain on top of the Sumeru fragment, which is a treasure of the Holy Land and the Great Sect, or such surging energy and blood. T