iverse, and there is a special place where the imperial flag is born. He can’t stand it anymore, and doesn’t want to wait any longer. He wants to try to get closer and collect the flag.

The void is silent. There are no doors or cracks here. Darkness has been shrouded all year round, and there is no trace of the secret realm of the past.
Wang Xuan stood in the spaceship and was sure that this was the area. For this reason, he did not hesitate to use the Royal Dao Gun to take out the last true crystal of creation.
The Zhong family’s fleet is back, and the huge waves it caused can be expected.
/All parties wanted to visit the Zhong family, but they all restrained themselves for the time being. The fleet was dusty and returned from crossing the endless starry sky. The Zhong family had not rested before they went to visit, which was not good. Many people send greetings through communication, express goodwill, etc., and at the same time understand some situations.
However, Zhao Qinghan came that day because she heard some rumors that the Zhong family ran into Wang Xuan deep in the starry sky and was suspected of returning with him.
She met Zhong Cheng, who was no longer so childish, and also saw Xiao Zhong, who was facing the sky, asking them for details and understanding what happened.
A few years later, Zhao Qinghan dialed the familiar number again. This time, the call was not lost or the phone was turned off. She successfully dialed the number.
In the old land and outer space, Wang Xuan held the Royal Dao Spear in his hand. He decided to try to break into the secret realm today to find the flag.
He has re-cultivated the spiritual realm. If he has the complete Royal Dao Flag in hand, he may be able to lock the life soil again, penetrate it, and lead the soul back.
Day after day, many years have passed, and he himself is getting weaker and weaker, and he can no longer hold on to his earthly immortal body. It is impossible to say that his state of mind is strong and not affected at all.
His palms glowed slightly, and the Royal Dao Spear began to show signs of recovery. There were two fine textures of gold and silver entangled on it. It was very exquisite, a bit dreamy, like the most magnificent work of art.
The true crystal of creation on his body began to burn. This kind of disappearance was really terrifying. Any fluctuation of the treasure required a lot of “material”.
In the spaceship, his mobile phone, whose number had not changed and had been changed many times, heard a clear ringtone, breaking the tranquility here.
“Zhao Qinghan’s phone number.” Mechanical Bear informed.
“Answer.” Wang Xuan said. After hearing this, Little Bear took action.
However, the Royal Dao Spear was about to fully recover, and the True Crystal of Creation had begun to be consumed. It was impossible for him to stop at this moment, and he probably couldn’t say a few words.
“Are you in the old land?” Zhao Qinghan’s voice came.
When spring came at the end of winter in the old land, it was already midsummer in Xinxing. In the sky