ld of mortals, or fought across the world with treasures, all became memories.

Those familiar people were never heard from again.
Wang Xuan has entered Buzhou Mountain many times. The dangerous spiritual remains of the past have become silent. There is no life in the mountain belly buried in the spiritual world. They are waiting for the next mythical era to come and their residual thoughts will be revived. But at that moment, they are not their past selves. .
The peerless “great medicine” like the spiritual blood pool has been exhausted, and not a drop is left.
The fragments of the curtain sky mirror were still there, and Wang Xuan saw the supernatural spiritual remains in it. The woman was dormant in it, lifeless.
He thought for a while, but after all, he didn’t take action and collected the remaining pieces of the treasure.
“Is this the highest spiritual world?” Wang Xuan came. This place is so similar to the material world that it is indistinguishable. There are snow-capped mountains, valleys that are like spring all year round, and an endless ocean that can be seen as far as the eye can see.
Even though he is very strong and can kill the health master, after coming here, he feels a kind of oppression, his soul is stagnant, and the spiritual light does not flow smoothly.
/This is not a place that ordinary people can come to. In the past, only experts could climb it, and it would be life-threatening.
However, he has Xiaoyaozhou in hand, and in this era, the highest spiritual world is not so scary, and he can enter without hindrance.
In the past, all major religious ancestors wanted to get the Xiaoyao Zhou, because whether they were going to Buzhou Mountain to find Chaos Immortal Vine, or entering the highest spiritual world to pick up heavenly medicine, this treasure could travel safely.
The world was so big that Wang Xuan could not find any obvious traces of Shang Yi. However, he was convinced that Sword Maniac had been here and borrowed a passage from here to risk his own life for a long journey.
After the myth comes to an end, in the highest spiritual world, there are no more heavenly medicines, the fruits have all fallen off, and the heavenly roots have disappeared under the soil.
In fact, even during the heyday of the extraordinary, there were not as many heavenly medicines here as imagined. It was difficult to find, and sometimes you needed luck.
“Has the highest spiritual blood pool dried up completely? Or is it hidden in the void?”
He had long been mentally prepared. From the moment the extraordinary collapsed, he knew that the world had completely changed. The various divine objects in the past were either destroyed, or dimmed and lost their spirituality, and they would never be able to return to the past.
/He sat on a free boat and traveled through the vast and highest spiritual world. He only enjoyed the beautiful scenery along the way and gained nothing.
Wang Xuan looked up at the sky, the mist was flowing, and finally he rushed up in the boat, hoping to break through the sky and travel f