th a spear.

Wang Xuan’s whole body was dyed with divine brilliance by the treasure, and even his hair was shining. He stabbed forward with the Royal Dao Spear in both hands.
The originator of Chaojue Palace was shocked to find that time and space were chaotic. He seemed to be trapped in a strange circle of time and could not escape.
With a pop, his palm was pierced, burned, and turned into ashes. His spell exploded instantly, and a huge blood hole appeared in his chest, which was bleeding continuously!
Zhen Chao, the originator of Chaojue Palace, looked like a young man. His long black hair was stained with blood, his golden pupils shrank sharply, and his face was full of shock. He couldn’t believe it.
After the initial contact, he was hit hard!
His right hand was tattered and burning, penetrated by the sharp spear point wrapped in bright patterns, and the palm disappeared in the blend of blood and light as blood spattered everywhere.
/Why? He actually couldn’t avoid it. He was as powerful as him, and he still had the Earth Immortal Dao Fruit. After being blessed by the treasure, he had already displayed the most powerful secret technique.
At that moment, the space overlapped, the starry sky reflected, and Li Daitao was frozen. He used three extraordinary secret methods one after another, which could theoretically avoid it or cope with the disaster for himself.
But it was no use, even his forearm exploded, and then the injury spread to his right shoulder, bloody and bone fragments exploded out, and then it stopped.
“Let’s go!” Zhen Chao endured the severe pain and tried his best to move Xiaoyao Zhou. It was a sign of great misfortune today. He was severely injured just after the fight, and the start was not good.
His chest was also injured, and there was even a hole in his heart. As for his sternum, it had been broken long ago. Fortunately, it was not directly pierced by the tip of the spear, but was strangled by a murderous aura.
In fact, if it were not for the protection of Xiaoyao Zhou, his heart would definitely burst, and even his whole body would be torn apart. The entire boat glowed, covering the two originators, resisting the erosion of the supreme rules.
Naturally, Wang Xuan would not stop and wanted to kill him with one shot!
These two people were not good people. At the most critical moment of crossing the sea, they stabbed Fang Yuzhu, Yan Mingcheng, Bai Jingshu and others in the back, and even attacked him at night in Laijioti.
“Kill!” Wang Xuan shouted in a low voice. He was nourished by the rich super material overflowing from the True Creation Crystal, and his condition improved drastically. It was better than ever before. The light of spirit and the blood of the Earth Immortal were combined together.
Looking from a distance, in the void of the universe, he was enveloped by the blood-stained divine glow, and his aura was very strong. Compared with his low-key appearance as a mortal in recent years, he was completely different.
“This is the local immortal, the real ceiling of the living