secret realm. After all, it was opened by their ancestors.

Wang Xuan and Wu Tian need to capture the precise coordinates themselves.
“Hiss!” Wu Tian felt a chill on the back of his neck. In the turbulent flow of time and space, he could hit anything.
They saw a blood-stained black feather. It was huge, tens of thousands of miles long, and looked more majestic than many stars. It split time and space and fell into the chaotic whirlpool.
It is impossible to trace the feathers left over from what era and what kind of creature they belong to.
/They just passed by each other briefly, and both Wu Tian and Wang Xuan felt as if their bodies were about to be torn apart.
There was a strong evil aura on that feather, and its blood was enchanting and sinister, as if it could kill all things.
After a long time, they saw an old guy wearing a leather jacket with a bare butt on his upper body running over and crushing the chaotic sea of ??time and space. What was going on? !
“Where’s the chasing bird?” Wang Xuan said. He suspected that it was this old man who injured an unimaginable giant bird, and the black and bloody feathers just fell over.
“Is he dead?” Wu Tian’s scalp was numb.
When the old guy ran over, there was so much movement that the sky and the sea collapsed. Occasionally, he looked back, his eyes empty and filled with red blood. After he went away, you could see that the back of his head was empty, that is, the facial skin was still there, but the cranial cavity at the back was gone.
Wang Xuan cautiously used his spiritual eyes and vaguely captured that this was the silhouette of time, the reflection left by this chaotic void.
He said solemnly: “It is not a product of this era. The tragedy happened an unknown number of years ago.”
Wu Tian put down the snow-white Royal Dao Transformation Parietal Bone. After passing through this object just now, he also saw the truth and sighed: “It is beyond the world, how can such a thing happen in this area? How on earth can such a powerful creature be born and die?” of?”
Wang Xuan said: “The transformation of his bones is not complete. At least there are serious problems with the old man’s skull, which is why he was beaten to pieces. The quality of the broken bones is different from that of other bones.”
On the road, both of them were on high alert. This kind of place is really a bit evil. Some abnormal scenes from unknown years appear. Sometimes they are around them, and that kind of bone-chilling murderous intent can be heard even after years. It’s really It would be easy to collide with and kill the true immortal.
“It’s not easy to do anything in all walks of life these days.”
“Yes, especially us, maybe we are going to steal the backyard of a true saint-level creature.”
“When you say this, why do I feel that the two of us are in need of a lesson?”
“Silence is golden, don’t say anything.”
Then the boat became completely quiet. I don’t know how long it has been traveling. The passage of time in this place is quite chaotic, making it difficult to judge.
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