n his body, slightly separating him from the inner scene, but he was still brave, sitting on the white tiger, giving him a fat beating!

The old monk is quite powerful and terrifying. He can even injure the White Tiger Demon through the light curtain!
“Too strong!” Wang Xuan exclaimed.
“You are not the Fuhu Divine Monk, are you? No, you are the Fuhu Bodhisattva!” Lao Chen spoke highly of him and upgraded the old monk to a higher level and gave him a title.
The cold laughter came, truly ringing in everyone’s ears. The woman in red held an oil-paper umbrella and looked at the old monk through the curtain.
The old monk’s expression immediately changed. When he turned around and saw the woman in red, he still turned around and ran away without saying a word!
He disappeared directly at the entrance to the backlot.
“Bodhisattva, ghost monk, why did you escape?!” Lao Chen shouted, completely anxious.
The big white tiger demon pounced directly on them. This time he was really furious and wanted to kill them!
At the critical moment, at the entrance to the interior, a hazy figure floated in, and a bright sword light flashed across, cutting off one of the big paws of the white tiger demon. It screamed silently in pain and ran away lamely.
“The Sword Fairy is magnificent and unparalleled!” Wang Xuan shouted, so moved that tears filled his eyes.
In his opinion, the careless Sword Fairy was much more reliable than the old monk, and she came without even calling.
The female sword fairy floated past, raising her snow-white chin, with a look of disgust on his face, and flew over, her moon-white dress fluttering, leaning on her sword in the sky, looking bright and beautiful, looking at the woman in red through the big curtain!
Old Chen lowered his eyebrows and whispered softly: “The peerless swordsman is transcendent and refined. We, ordinary people, can only look up. We can’t see the peak of the immortal path before us, and we can’t see the successors after us. Only the sword energy at this moment can dominate the ages!”
/As he spoke, he wiped his cold sweat and threw away the black sword.
Aoki’s eyes widened when he saw it. If his master didn’t throw the sword, he really believed those words. Why does he look like he is full of desire for survival now?
He soon realized that this should be the immortal who chopped his master to death and made him want to vomit when he saw the sword, right? This happened again, scaring his master.
Wang Xuan was dissatisfied and looked at his old colleagues. What are they talking about at such a young age? He said everything he wanted to say in one breath!
He reminded: “Old Chen, be careful and don’t interrupt if nothing happens!”
Lao Chen ignored him and quickly kicked the black sword out of sight, then let out a sigh of relief. Although he was severely beaten last time and had an infinite psychological shadow, judging from today’s situation, the female sword fairy was really merciful, that is, she was just trying to vent his anger on him and Wang Xuan without killing him at all.