ed two glasses of wine and naturally invited Wang Xuan to drink. .

“Nothing else, I just think you have a lot of character and are pretty good. Please follow me from now on.” The ordinary-looking young man said.
He took a sip of wine, sat on the sofa, and received a message from a paper crane. He quickly folded a paper cat. It came out of the white mist and swooshed away as if it was alive. The paper cat disappeared instantly.
Wang Xuan looked at him without saying a word, then looked at the paper cat that ran away like lightning, thinking in his heart.
“Haha” Seeing that he didn’t respond, the ordinary-looking man stood up, smiled, and left without saying anything more.
Two days later, someone sent a challenge to Wang Xuan, but he glanced at it and ignored it.
Soon, Su Tong was beaten.
His nose was bruised, his face was swollen, and his arm was broken. He is angry, why? He didn’t provoke anyone, but he was glared at for no reason, and was retorted with, “What are you looking at?” Then he was beaten!
Five days later, Wang Xuan received another challenge. He stood up and said coldly: “Are you looking for death?”
Obviously, someone had arranged it well and started to cause trouble for him, wanting to “educate” him how to behave.
“Those who want to challenge me, those who have become immortals, don’t come. I will visit them one by one when I become an immortal. If you are a health-preserving master, I will accept your fate in battle.” Wang Xuanhuo took out the Falling Immortal Bow. What challenge? He would shoot whoever jumped out.
Wang Xuan is indeed very angry. He doesn’t provoke anyone and always keeps a low profile in seclusion. However, some people still want to “educate” him. What kind of bullshit is this?
He scribbled down his name on the paper that came flying to him, and accepted the challenge. He would not refuse anyone who came, and he would see you on the bloody arena. He would not be held responsible for being beaten to death.
/“You’re just kicking your nose, right? I don’t have time to work with you.” With this time, he might as well study more about the general direction of Yu Daohua.
Sadly, he has never left the academy gate until now. He has never been to the city where the academy is located, the futuristic fairy city.
“You agreed so quickly?” A woman was surprised. She had very light eyebrows, sexy red lips, and was trimming her crystal clear nails.
Originally, she thought she would have to attack Su Tong and Ling Xuan a few more times to force the inexperienced freshman to fight back after she couldn’t stand it anymore.
“It’s a good thing. He should be taught how to behave early. But he can’t think about it. He wants to go to the bloody arena? He wants to die.” Meng Zelin said.
His entire face was collapsed and his bones were full of cracks. It took him a lot of pain to repair it. He said solemnly: “Sister Kou, arrange a few ruthless characters. It’s best not to kill him, otherwise it will be easy for others to criticize him and maim him.” That’s it!”
Keoping was young and beautif