rank and gradually turned into a piece of golden bone.

Suddenly, a terrifying beam of light bloomed, and a huge fist crashed down. The strong wind blew violently, splitting the void, and the rules of immortality were intertwined.
It was a true immortal who suddenly appeared, attacked Hong Teng and An Hong, and seized the golden bone.
“Seize food from the tiger’s mouth and seek death!” Hong Teng’s murderous intent was overwhelming, his dark face became even darker, and his whole body was covered with black light, as if he was wearing a black sun armor.
The black light on his fist was overwhelming, and his explosive power was astonishing, and he punched back.
With a bang, something like Thunder God and Lightning Mother appeared in the void, bursting out endless beams of light, lightning and thunder.
“Kill!” An Hong also shouted, daring to steal a bankrupt’s rare items, that would be really disturbing Tai Sui’s head.
He held a spear and rushed out. As he swung it, thousands of silver divine spears formed an array, roaring and flooding the area.
In fact, various exotic treasures such as fairy swords, fairy-binding ropes, and dragon-locking stakes appeared in that area, and they also greeted them in this area.
A group of young people decisively attacked the limit breakers of Pingtian Academy.
They met on a narrow road, and they all came for the rare artifacts of creation. As soon as they found a piece of real bone that had transformed into human form, murderous intent and conflict arose.
“Dare you steal my things?!” Chengtian looked handsome, gentle, always smiling, but in fact he was also very “protective”. The broad knife like a door panel on his back flew out, sweeping across thousands of troops, and in an instant , as huge as a mountain, and the light of the sword is like a snow-white wave hitting the sky.
/Qi Miao’s mechanical armor even spread its wings. She was approaching like lightning. She was a woman, but she actually wanted to fight those people in close combat.
“People from the Golden Horn Star Region, you have crossed the line, we have all acquired this thing!” Yanque said coldly.
On the opposite side, the leader was a man with golden horns. He came from the sky and threw a nine-story fairy tower, which was shining brightly. He struck out fiercely and said with a smile: “The so-called rare things can be obtained by those who are destined. We are here by such a coincidence, so naturally we are. Destined person.”
Such words are shameless, just want to cut off the beard, simple and crude.
Yanque had a cold expression on her face, opened her mouth, and held out an ancient lamp, emitting a sky-reaching flame. With a bang, it collided with the nine-story fairy tower. Suddenly, the void collapsed, and the flames were overwhelming.
“I’ve heard about Zhang Yang, the limit-breaker in the Golden Horn Star Territory, so let’s kill one or two and test their quality!” Yanque rushed forward to meet the Golden Horn man who was leading them.
“Aren’t you going to step forward?” Cai Wei asked Wang Xuan. She wa