under the pseudonym Sun Wukong, he traveled across two to three hundred star fields in the deep sky, and then went to the extraordinary sea of ??light. The journey was too long.

He was away for half a month, but once he returned, he was standing on the Black Peacock Holy Mountain in an instant, as if he had never left.
The next day, Wang Xuan came out of seclusion at dawn, opened the door of the small courtyard, and had a small gathering with Wolverine, Eight-Eyed Cicada Jin Ming, Chong Xiao and others.
Because he knew that these people would leave soon and go to Wujie Mountain for “further training”. It would be who knows how many years since they left.
“Brother, you have been in seclusion for half a month this time, and you have really missed a lot of big scenes. Breaking news comes one after another, and the sea of ??stars is shaking!”
/As soon as he came out, Wolverine explained to him that Huaguo Mountain was born, a new saint was born, and the starry sky shook.
Jin Ming, the eight-eyed golden cicada, also lamented: “I thought that Brother Kong Xuan was already very capable, but compared to that Sun Wukong, Brother Kong is just a bit wild at best.”
Even Zhong Xiao, a very stable person in the Black Peacock Clan, couldn’t help but sigh: “This Sun Wukong is really out of line. He made a big fuss in Liuxia Star Territory, provoked strangers, and alarmed the True Saint Dojo Demon Heaven Palace . Without him, Things I dare not do.”
Luo Ying also came and said: “This person is indeed very fierce. There are many rumors about beating Ling Qingxuan four times and beating Demon Tiangong disciple Chang Ming with three sticks. It is reported that many disciples of the great sect have become popular in wearing helmets when going out. It is really strange. A sister I know also strongly recommended a new type of phoenix crown to me. A fierce person can actually affect the business of certain head accessories and protective gear.”
Wang Xuan could not help but express his position, laugh and participate in the discussion.
“Kong Xuan, since you are out of seclusion, let me ask you one last question, are you really not going to Five Tribulations Mountain?” The peerless elder Qingkong came, dressed in a black dress, mature and cool.
According to the agreement, in the next few months, the old strangers and Qingkong of the Black Peacock tribe will lead people to the Five Tribulations Mountain, and they are preparing to set off early.
Wang Xuan said: “I won’t go. Who made me feel guilty and impulsively beat up the people in the True Saint Dojo?”
The great elder Qing Cang also arrived and sighed: “You have such a temper. You need to change it in the future. What a great opportunity it was. That is the legendary True Saint Dojo!”
Qingkong said: “Actually, it’s nothing. If you practice outside, you may not be able to soar into the sky. Besides, Kong Xuan is pretty good. It’s easier to worry about than Sun Wukong. Relatively speaking, he is honest and does his duty. He doesn’t mess with anyone. disaster.”
The others were sp