ed stick and disappeared.

The battlefield was quiet. The cyan copper sword in Wang Xuan’s left hand and the black mace in his right hand were both very heavy, so heavy that the void was distorted.
Near him, demonic clouds were billowing, which was consistent with the temperament of the two kings of Five Elements Mountain. He stood in the void, and the ground below was stained with blood.
In just a moment, he had five consecutive kills!
“Second Dad’s style is still the same!” Young Langtian shouted. He believed that the charm of Five Elements Mountain must be fully demonstrated by the Second Dad.
“The five great masters just died like this?” No one from the Gibbon Ape tribe ended up recklessly this time. They couldn’t believe it. In the blink of an eye, the five tribesmen lost their lives and blood was everywhere on the ground.
/In the sky, Wang Xuan was holding a black mace in one hand and a long knife made of large copper mother in the other. The mace and the blade were dripping with blood.
As for himself, there was no trace of blood on his body, and he was surrounded by black demonic clouds, like surging tides, covering the sky and the sun.
“Hehe” the wolverine grinned. In excitement, he fluttered, his five-color tail feathers spread out, and a peacock spread his tail on the scene.
He told people that this is the spirit of Wuxing Mountain. No matter who the enemy is, just rush up and kill them.
Hengcheng, Yuan Zhao, and the sword immortals of the Long-billed Silver Crane Clan were speechless for a while. Aren’t you responsible for the colorful and brilliant things all around you? Why are you so excited?
The Gibbon Ape Clan was silent for a short time, and then the nest exploded. How long did it take? The death of five tribesmen was really tragic.
This tribe has a large population and many masters. The disciples who can step out into the starry sky and compete with various religions are all extremely talented.
/Previously, they had visited four famous powerful clans in the starry sky and won great victories all the way. They didn’t want to kick a big iron brick here today.
“I knew it would be like this.” Chaojie Qingkong said, because she had seen it 11 years ago in the Meteor Sea.
The great elder of the Black Peacock Holy Mountain did not speak, a little speechless. He had made a judgment before, so he stopped Kong Xuan from going off.
However, the second elder unblocked it for him.
“Letting him go is equivalent to opening the shackles for him. Even if there are no conditions, we must create conditions to show off his evil.” The second elder of the Black Peacock Holy Mountain said, but she was not unhappy. On the contrary, she felt extremely comfortable and let out a bad breath.
She knew very well that the blond woman from the Gibbon Ape Clan had dared to reveal the scars of the Black Peacock Clan before, and she would never dare to do so without the support of a peerless being.
The generation of the Gibbon Ape Clan is very powerful, and they believe that they can sweep across the Black Peacock Hol