Such a small whirlpool, if you look carefully, is actually unfathomable, like the eye of the sea swirling, as if connected to a mysterious world.
The tip of the spear was sharp and the flag was as deep as the starry sky, and it actually pierced directly into the vortex that was only an inch in diameter.
/Most of the flagpole and flag surface are not included, which shows the depth of this miniature vortex. Especially when staring at it, it is like seeing the world spinning!
When Wang Xuan looked at it with his mind, it seemed that there were stormy waves sweeping through it, forming a whirlpool of a mysterious world.
Is it really connected to a certain place?
He waved the flag and stirred it in, like cold noodles.
Obviously, normally speaking, few things can withstand the common “care” from the Royal Dao Spear and the Flag Face. This kind of close contact is too dangerous.
There was a pop, not even the mysterious vortex, like a bubble bursting, and then disappeared, and the mobile phone strange object returned to silence as a whole.
But the screen still stubbornly displayed: You have a surprise, please check it.
Wang Xuan held a gun in one hand, pointed the sharp tip of the gun at the phone, and touched the message with the other hand. He really didn’t believe it.
No matter whether you are surprised or frightened, you have to see what happens.
There was a soft sound, and then sweet music sounded. The fairy music was melodious. Not to mention, it was really nice to hear. It made people happy and seemed to contain certain emotions.
Then, the immortal energy filled the air, overflowing from the mobile phone screen and emerging in reality, making the area within a few feet of Wang Xuan feel sacred, accompanied by the light rain, as if to lead him to ascend.
“Lucky one, congratulations, you have received extraordinary blessings, and a surprise will be rewarded to you soon.”
Wang Xuan couldn’t help it anymore. He brushed the screen of his phone with the flag as if dusting it, and said: “Hurry up, just give it to me!”
“You will have an extremely wonderful journey through time and space. What you see and hear is all real. At the terminal, you may meet an incomparably beautiful fairy, experience unforgettable love, and carry a perfect woman with you.” The Taoist companion returns. You may happen to step into a cave and see one of the most powerful Taoist scriptures. From then on, you will change the world and write a magnificent poem about your life. You may also dance in time and space, following what is in your heart. , come in front of someone or something, and get what you want. You”
Wang Xuan’s face was uncertain. After listening to it for a long time, he was really surprised? If any of these are realized, it will definitely have nothing to do with crisis or horror.
“Do you accept it and experience this perfect time travel immediately?” The words floated out of the screen and came to the real world, asking.
“Get lost!” Wang Xuan waved his flag and swept away all the floating marks,