e no longer carried the cauldron, but went all out to lift the cauldron. It was suspended in the void and used the correct method to control objects.

“Huh?” Wang Xuan noticed that the group of geniuses had dispersed and moved quickly. Do you want to surround this place? The most critical thing is that there are six people missing.
/This was definitely when he and Ling Qingxuan were fighting for the last time, and those people took advantage of it.
He turned around and left without saying another word.
Chi Chi Chi!
Nearby, six figures silently emerged from the void and pounced directly, wanting to surround Wang Xuan and suppress and kill him together.
They are not that inflexible. They are determined to capture this beast today, regardless of whether they use any means or not. They will catch it first.
In fact, Ling Qingxuan is not a stickler for rules. Although she has a distinguished background, she has long been annoyed. She once secretly told these people that she had left a backdoor for them to enter this star sand battlefield without them participating in the siege. , just block all roads.
She wanted to ensure that Monkey King, the Monkey King, could not escape, but now she would not be so particular. If she really wanted to have a fair duel, she could satisfy him afterwards and go to a secret room made of gold, or fight in an iron cage, and she could accompany him. She could catch him now and sort it out later.
Those people moved as fast as light current. If Wang Xuan hadn’t been sharp enough to notice in advance, they would have been blocked.
He rushed out in the blink of an eye, but one of them held a Yin-Yang flag and drew two black and white sword energies, leaving two extremely terrible wounds on his back. There were cracks in his ribs and they were almost broken. .
His eyes were cold, and he rushed out as fast as he could, escaping to one side. He remembered that person. He was very strong, capable of breaking limits, and had abnormal imperial runes. He was a master in the middle or late heaven level.
It wasn’t until he actually broke out of the encirclement that the strange mobile phone made any movement, speeding him up.
“Didn’t you say that I can fight her fairly?” Wang Xuan asked casually, not expecting a reliable response from her at all.
The mobile phone wonder was very dull and said: “You two are indeed competing fairly at first, but you have to pay attention to variables such as external factors and observe them carefully. They change in real time. Who stipulates that in a duel, your other opponents cannot Will you end the game and not intervene? There is no such reason. Otherwise, wouldn’t this become a gladiatorial and ring competition in an iron cage again? ”
“It makes sense.” Wang Xuan nodded and did not refute this time.
/The mobile phone Qiwu said: “The general trend is like this. From ancient times to the present, even in those splendid eras full of legends, the battles and hegemony between strong men have been the same. Being surrounded and suppressed, encountering group atta