nto the small spacecraft and disappeared into the night sky.

There is no doubt that after the blond old man was aged, the “cause of death” would be related to the spacecraft crash.
Wang Xuan was shocked and speechless. The top figure in the new art field was killed like this. He didn’t know what kind of storm it would cause.
“Go back first.” Chen Mingtu waved his hand and picked up the broken divine sword from the ground. He kept this thing because it was extremely difficult!
“Go back and forge it again. It’s still a terrifying weapon.” He looked at it again and again.
/Wang Xuan noticed that Chen Mingtu was injured. One arm was full of blood, there was a serious sword wound, there was also a wound on his forehead, and there was also a bloody cut on the scalp on one side.
“That’s it? You still call yourself Chen Mingtu. You can’t do it, Old Chen. You were almost hunted.” Wang Xuan looked at his wounds and couldn’t help showing a shocked expression. The enemy was extremely powerful!
“Meet an old bastard!” Chen Mingtu touched his wound. Tonight’s battle was not just a matter of carelessness. That man was indeed powerful, extremely powerful.
“Are you scolding yourself?” Wang Xuan carried the energy cannon and walked back with him.
Lao Chen’s face suddenly darkened. He often “fished”, but tonight he was almost “fished to death” by a fellow member. He was a little embarrassed, but in the end he sighed again and said: “This person is indeed very extraordinary! ”
Soon after, in Lao Chen’s room, Qingmu, Wang Xuan, and Chen Mingtu gathered together to sum up the gains and losses, and put forward some plans to deal with various possible troubles.
“You can’t hide it for long, so Wang Jiaozu, you have to be mentally prepared. Well, once I ‘wake up’, I will probably have to report in advance for all future trips. I can hide it for a while.”
“What will happen tomorrow? It’s hard to say. After all, the number one figure in the new art field is dead. Although it looks old, who would believe that he died from a lightning strike.”
“Wang Xuan fought on a rainy night, and was watched by all parties. He killed powerful men in the field of new arts. After wearing super-material armor, those few people are comparable to masters!”
“The most important thing is, damn it, Wang Jiaozu, you were not killed by a bullet in front of everyone, and you still went out to kill people alive and kicking!”
“How can you talk?!” Wang Xuan was dissatisfied. Is it normal to be shot to death and lying on the ground?
While applying medicine to the wound on his forehead, Chen Mingtu said: “I mean you are too careless. In this case, blocking the bullet with your body will inevitably lead to various associations.”
Wang Xuan took out all the bullets from his pocket, placed them on the table, looked at Qingmu, and said: “Old Qing, find me three pieces of body armor, and find the same firearm to shoot again.”
“That’s okay, at least it can be explained.” Aoki nodded, not letting Wang Xuan be shot again. When he came back, everything was resolved. Ther