ons in the True Saint Dojo. It was not because of the return of Wang Xuan and the others. There was no big movement in the golden vortex.

In the deep sky, in the direction of the Dojo in Kuji Ridge, a terrifying light of the Imperial Way rushed up and spread in all directions. The sky cracked, the stars dimmed, endless meteorites fell, and the extraordinary factors shook the sky.
“They used prohibited items!” Jiang Qingyao whispered.
Apparently, when they left, they felt the golden vortex shaking violently because someone was carrying the treasure in that area.
In a dojo, two aliens were stationed. Although no trace of the enemy was found, the five-layer alien-level magic circle was activated and it was obvious that they were invaded. The two aliens gritted their teeth and activated the banned killer weapon.
Wang Xuan turned back to look at the health stove. Earlier, it was unwilling to take risks and was very stable, which made sense.
If it weren’t for the mobile phone rare item, opening a path for others to go, they could only attack by force, and they would encounter the prohibited items in Kuji Ridge.
“As I said, it’s not a good place there.” Health Stove said.
In fact, there was a huge earthquake in his heart, and he felt that the strange mobile phone was more terrifying than imagined!
/In its eyes, the monster that looked like a human but not a human penetrated the overlapping magic circles without any ripples. Finally, it was attacked by prohibited items, but the golden vortex was not broken.
The mobile phone wonder said: “You are overthinking it. The prohibited item only revived when we left. It didn’t see us and hit the void.”
“Is that so?” Health Stove was doubtful.
In the deep sky, the tides of the sea of ??stars are surging, planets are shattered, and the light of the Royal Dao tears apart the sky and the earth.
The people of Kuji Ridge were furious and discovered that the Chaos Golden Lotus was no longer there. The five-layer magic circle was not damaged, but it was empty inside and the lotus pond had been uprooted.
“It’s dead. This kind of miraculous creation cannot be transplanted. I would rather it melt away than leave it to us. It’s very tough!”
“Is it the true saint from the dojo opposite who has returned?!”
There was chaos in the Kuji Ridge Branch Dojo.
However, this has nothing to do with Wang Xuan and Jian Xianzi. They are sitting on the ground dividing the spoils. To be precise, they are both happy and enjoying the results of the battle.
However, after each took a few bites of the petals of Chaos Golden Lotus, their smiles froze. It was so unpalatable!
At first, the petals with rich golden light were indeed extremely attractive, and the fragrance was refreshing and refreshing. However, the more I ate it, the more bitter and astringent it became, and the taste was far worse than what it was famous for that day.
“It’s not delicious!”
“It feels like eating Coptis chinensis!”
The two commented that it was obviously a rare creation, but it turned out to be so hard to swallow.