ance. Relatively speaking, the few of them and the National Treasure Clan walked behind, putting some distance between them.

“It’s nothing, I don’t know if we can find a treasure today.” Wang Xuan replied casually.
The first three women entered the store. The rare items sold there were all incredibly expensive. They were all luxury items among the rare items, and the asking prices were very outrageous.
/Wang Xuan, Wolverine, and Six-Eyed Golden Chan didn’t want to follow them in. Even a group of high-priced black and white bears were shocked. They slapped the table with the shop owner and thought the price was “outrageous.”
“Stop arguing, just don’t buy it.” Wang Xuan advised.
In these famous time-honored shops, the asking price for an immortal flower was comparable to that of five-color exotic bamboo, which was simply outrageous. However, while Wang Xuan and Xiong Shan were dumbfounded, a middle-aged woman bought it quite calmly.
“It doesn’t increase the moral character, it just makes the skin color a little brighter, is that all?” Xiong Shan muttered.
“Stop complaining, do you know who that person was just now? She was the concubine of a stranger.” Zhuo Yanran turned around and reminded him.
Then, they discovered that there were many people coming in and out of this kind of shop. Even An Jingqi and Zhuo Yanran bought a star coat and a moonlight shawl respectively.
“It’s so luxurious. You can even buy a VIP ticket to the Bronze Giant Palace.” Wolverine discovered that in the Sky City, the two kings of their Five Elements Mountain were really poor and could only afford a staggering amount of money.
Wang Xuan comforted him and said: “Don’t be envious. Although it is very expensive, the most conscientious thing about luxury goods is that they never prey on the poor.”
“That makes sense.” Wolverine nodded.
But he still sighed and wanted to buy a copy of the Sirius Classic for Young Wolf Sky, but was shocked by the sky-high price.
Langtian was very sensible and said: “Dad, there is no need to buy it. The inheritance I need is contained in my blood. As I grow, those scripture fragments will automatically emerge.”
In the end, Wang Xuan and Lang Tian bought an exotic treasure for him, the Wolf Howling Moon Tower, for self-defense. After a group of national treasures helped negotiate the price, the price was not outrageous.
“Let’s go, let’s go, let’s separate from the three of them and pick up treasures by sight.” Liuyan Jinchan said, pulling Wang Xuan and others to the stall in front, and pulling An Jingqi, Zhuo Yanran, and Luo Ying Driving a long distance.
The strange object area is very large and is the most popular place in the Sky City. Extraordinary people of all races can see it, and there are many extraordinary ones among them.
There are even rumors that some strangers like to come here to feel the smoke and smoke of the world, and to use their extraordinary eyes to hunt for treasures.
/It can be said that there are three religions and nine streams in this place, all kinds of extraordinary people are t