How could he be like an almighty? He is not weak in any field, and he can successfully remotely sense the remaining rhyme of the great avenue in the outer universe without its help.

After daybreak, Wang Xuan opened his eyes and said, “Let’s go and change the city. It seems that the number of city lords reveals the strength and weakness of each giant city’s Tao Yun.”
Wang Xuan really wanted to go to the Five Immortals City, but he still held on. There were five city lords in that place, and he couldn’t hold himself back.
/Fudaoniu was very steady and carried him all the way. He originally wanted to find a remote city, but was asked to go directly to Tianluan City, which was also an old place that Wang Xuan was familiar with. He had fought with the people of Demon Court here.
Lu Heng, one of the three major city lords in this city, comes from Demon Court.
This morning was destined to be uneventful. Some of the True Saint Dojos had been targeting him yesterday evening, waiting for the sun to rise to hunt him.
“Outside, outside, a number of True Saint Dojos have set off, aiming for Tianluan City. It is expected that there will be 5 battles between limit breakers today. Fellow Taoists who are in hell must not miss it, otherwise they will regret it for the rest of their lives!”
A piece of news alarmed all parties, and the forum that had been “suppressed” by the ugly man from the Evil God Mansion for a night revived again. Many people immediately took to the road after hearing the news.
Wang Xuan stood at the gate of the city, turned around and looked into the distance. His escape was blocked, and people from the Zhensheng Taoist Temple surrounded him. No need to think too much, Tattoo Palace, Guixu, Time Sky, and Paper Temple were all there. They All the strongest disciples have followed!
In addition, people from other dojos also arrived. Wang Xuan saw some acquaintances, such as Li Xu from Moon Holy Lake, and Fu Qingming from Yaotian Palace, whom he had briefly fought against.
In addition to the dojos in other places, many people from other great religions also entered hell. Many extraordinary people came to the scene, ranging from true immortals to heaven-level ones.
Wang Xuan stopped and did not enter the city. Then he jumped up in the air and came to the huge city gate tower, looking down at the dense crowd of extraordinary beings outside the city.
On the top of the city gate, a prowler rushed toward him, but he kicked him down the city. He moved a chair and sat down here, without fear of the enemies outside the city.
“Kong Xuan, come out and fight, I’ll behead you!” The senior brother from the True Immortal Realm of the Tattoo Palace came, and he was also the young man who lost the Fudao Niu.
His name is Cheng Dao. He is tall and has many tattoos on his body, giving him an extremely dangerous feeling. His long hair is disheveled and his eyes are cold.
“Kong Xuan, you are very powerful. It is said that you can break the limit 4 times and defeat the true immortal in 5 fields. I am here. I want to verify th