as if they were obscured by huge clouds, and the stars were covered with dust and would soon be invisible.

This sight shocked Wang Xuan. At first, he didn’t notice it, thinking it was just a strange scene caused by the strange thing on his mobile phone.
/But he didn’t expect that it would become more and more intense, and the purple mist would spread out like dust and soundless, making the starry sky seem to be extinguished.
“What did I just say? The beast took off its fur and sat on it, and the man lost his heart and became cold! Hey, is this what I just said?”
The mobile phone strange object moved through the mist and shimmered, looking like it was thinking about life, and it stood still in place.
Wang Xuan really wanted to give it a beating. Wasn’t he counting the number of banned items in its form? It wandered off somewhere, looking forgetful.
Moreover, it did say some of these outrageous words before, but it immediately woke up at that time and did not speak further.
What’s its status now? It doesn’t seem like he’s pretending, he’s really lost in reminiscing and thinking.
“Well, that’s it.” The mobile phone came back to its senses, and the dusty purple energy gradually dissipated.
Wang Xuan knew that it was unreliable at the critical moment, so he still waited for it to tell the truth, but this was the result? !
He had to solemnly remind him, “Is your mind, um, chip broken? What’s going on? I’m asking you other questions.”
“Say it!” said the mobile phone.
“The number of transformed prohibited items.” Wang Xuan asked patiently.
“If this kind of existence really appears, each one will be more terrifying than the last. It’s just a preliminary transformation. If it is a full transformation, it will no longer ‘follow the rules’, or to be precise, it will no longer ‘fight to the death’ and ‘force it’. When attacking, there is spirituality and God’s wonderful hand appears, like an antelope hanging its horns without a trace, then it will be really scary, and it will be quite difficult to check and balance.”
/Mobile Wonders carefully reviews and reveals the secrets without directly ignoring the earlier problems in the past.
“I won’t say much more about those who only have their own form. There are not many super prohibited items that have fully transformed into their own form, much less than true saints. However, after this kind of creature becomes flesh and blood, it is best to pray not to encounter it, because it is really It’s difficult to deal with.”
Mobile Phone Wonder further emphasizes that once the prohibited items are completely transformed, it will be very scary in terms of strength.
Then it added: “By the way, regarding the number of true saints, the results you saw are too conservative. It must be more than a dozen.”
Wang Xuan was not surprised. He himself had made various speculations. The man in black was limited by his vision, life experience, etc., and it was impossible to know everything.
The mobile phone wonder said: “The years are vast, and although centuries have passed away, the m