as going on? Kong Xuan was practicing kung fu and was confused, and they were also going to disappear?

“No, we are still here, but our spirits are covered in dust and we deny our own existence. This is more terrifying than the “Only One True Sutra”.” The spirit of the ten-tailed demon fox is a little abnormal after all, and it is extremely scary to perceive the changes in itself.
There is no need for others to cast spells on them. Now, they themselves are hinting that they want to “cut out” themselves from the real world.
The fog was thick, and what Wang Xuan saw in his eyes was completely different from what they saw. Everything in this world seemed false, covered by a layer of fog.
He had already stood up, holding the paper, and walked into the mist. In the eyes of several demons and immortals, he was about to disappear from the real world.
The demon immortals couldn’t see the heavy fog, but only saw the last bloody sunset of hell absorbing them.
“He’s going to die!” Niu Yao didn’t know whether to be surprised or afraid. If something happens to the quality inspector, can they be freed or will they be implicated?
Although they can move, their path is blocked. Not to mention the dangers that may appear at any time in the wilderness, the change of Kong Xuan himself is the most unstable factor.
/“My spirit seems to be covered with a black cloth. It has deteriorated so much that even you can hardly see it.”
“We’re not really going to follow this, are we?”
They were afraid and had a bad premonition.
Kong Xuan was practicing, and he seemed to have comprehended something incredible. This was a bit outrageous. How could he comprehend it in such a short period of time?
Everyone in the Demon Court knows that the “We Only True Sutra” is mysterious and it takes a few people decades to master it, that is, they can operate the sutra. But if you want to understand it deeply and study it thoroughly, you don’t know how long it will take. It is estimated that only a few senior members can do it.
Kong Xuan studied the scriptures fused on the paper and had an epiphany after observing them? Several demons and immortals were shocked and awed.
Wang Xuan found that the world was quiet, as if it belonged to his own world. He saw the decaying dust half submerging several demons and immortals, and covering the city behind him.
/The whole world felt false. He pushed through the fog and kept moving forward, hoping to see the real place and reach the source of light.
His spirit resonated with the paper, and he understood the emerging meaning of the scriptures and supplemented the original teachings. Moreover, he also heard sounds in his ears.
Now, that feeling is even more real, accompanied by brainwashing whispers.
“What is the truth? You are the only one in the world, and the continuation of your thoughts builds the blue sky, white clouds, and everything in the world. You look up at the deep sky, and the stars in the sky and the brilliant sea of ??stars are just the sparks of your thoughts. You walk in the world of mortals. , t