face was cold, he was in a good mood. This young man took the initiative to ask him for help, which was a little different from the past.

“After officially entering society from campus, people still have to accept reality.” Ling Qiming spoke without any concealment.
He felt that once something started and lowered one’s head, it meant compromising and giving up many of the original things. At this time, he believed that the “thorny head” was no longer a threat and that there was no possibility for Ling Wei.
Qin Cheng looked anxious and said: “Old Wang, there is no need for this, there is no need to ask him!”
Wang Xuan knew that he had misunderstood and could only sigh. After all, Qin Cheng still had a weak mentality and thought that he was bowing his head and asking for help.
Is Wang Xuan that kind of person? There is no such experience at all.
He knew that Ling Qiming didn’t like him very much, and he also disliked Lao Ling now. What should he do? Since we met by chance, let’s “ask” Lao Ling to do some “practical things”.
/“I have some cooperation with the Dingwu Organization. Well, since Xiao Qin is in trouble, you call that person over.” Ling Qiming said, with a strong sense of calmness, and these were not a problem to him at all.
Wang Xuan understood Ling Qiming’s mentality. The other party felt that he had bowed his head and let go of his self-esteem, so Lao Ling was in a good mood now?
The corner of his mouth curled up slightly. Lao Ling really didn’t want to see him, but if you thought he was bowing his head, you’d be overthinking it.
Who have Wang Jiaozu faced recently? The female sword fairy, the ghost monk, and the peerless red-clothed female demon fairy just went to Lao Zhang’s grand Taoist temple for a tour.
Therefore, when he asked Lao Ling to do things, he did not have the mentality of asking for help, but simply because they disliked each other. He asked Lao Ling to do something meaningful based on the idea of ????not using it in vain.
Qin Cheng had been forced by Wang Xuan to call someone and asked Li Kun, the head of the department, to come here and say that an important customer of the Ling family wanted to see him.
Until then, Wang Xuan said casually: “Actually, we have many classmates here at Xinxing. If we go to them for help, they will definitely be happy to help. For example, Zhao Qinghan, Zhou Kun, Su Chan and others have very good relations with us. . The main reason is that Qin Cheng can’t save face and has too much self-esteem. He keeps telling his classmates that he is very good now and has no difficulties. ”
What he said was the truth. Qin Cheng was too strong and felt that he could not hold his head high because of his connections to Xinyue. If he asked his classmates for help again, he would feel embarrassed.
Wang Xuan said calmly: “So, after I found out, I thought I should tell you. After all, Qin Cheng had helped Ling Wei. If he was bullied here, it would spread.”
“Stop talking!” Ling Qiming interrupted him immediately. He thought about it. How could this kid lower his