ay. This time the storm is not small. There is a lot of talk outside. After this kind of storm came over, my aunt didn’t even pay attention. Will she still stare here?”

Li Lin’s white palms were raised, but after hearing such words, she endured it to avoid thinking that she was really paying attention to the Dragon Bar.
Then, she went to watch the news on Chaofan Network, and her body suddenly shook violently. Who said she didn’t care? !
There was black mist in her eyes, and she really wanted to take action!
Time flies, and 30 years pass by in a blink of an eye. Wang Xuan feels that not long ago, he has lived in the overseas space of Origin for such a long time.
“I’m going to take the mechanical bear into hell.” Lu Renjia contacted him. He was about to travel far, and he might meet up with some acquaintances in hell.
“Be cautious and improve your Taoist skills as soon as possible.” Wang Xuan reminded that every giant city has Taoist rhyme and is worth collecting.
Especially the ruins of the old imperial city are worthy of Lu Renjia’s attention to see if he can “journey” into the old extraordinary center before the 23rd century. It is suspected that it has revived!
“Well, I know, let’s give it a try!” Lu Renjia nodded. He was going to hell 5 times to break the limit this time, 30 years later than Wang Xuan’s real body.
Then, Wang Xuan had a video call with the cute mechanical bear, gently urging him to practice well and pay attention to safety.
He has already passed on the scriptures of the ultimate true immortal in the Mechanical Temple of Hell, the so-called Mechanical Saint, to Little Bear.
After careful calculation, 30 years have passed before the deadline for meeting Ling Qingxuan, An Jingqi, Wu Tian, ??Zhuo Yanran and others to go to hell.
At the longevity fruit festival, many of them agreed to go to hell together more than a hundred years later. Now 99 years have passed, and there are still some years left to calculate accurately.
And Wang Xuan has been away from the mother universe for 116 years, and he is 322 years old.
The current hell is very unstable, and all parties are pursuing that half of the list, but after it disappeared, it never came out again.
There has been no news about Kong Xuan for many years, but the True Immortal Hell area makes some True Saint dojos extremely fearful, such as Guixu, Shiguangtian, Tattoo Palace, etc., and they try to avoid it.
Because the Immortal-Suppressing Flag and the Immortal-Gathering Flag of the Holy Imperial City have not flown back so far, they believe that Kong Xuan is still in hell.
Originating on the coast, living in seclusion in outer space is very peaceful. For 30 years, Wang Xuan has been studying the texture of Yudao. He has absorbed a lot of the golden paper he got from Li Lin and expanded the texture of Yudao outward from the parietal bone.
Now, his entire head is covered with patterns unique to him.
/Moreover, his neck is also intertwined, creating new textures.
/In fact, he is in a wonderful state. The dragon in the spine is resurrected