mood to look at it now, so he had to get over it first.

Wang Xuan was not fooled. His parietal bone glowed, and the dragon on his spine also lit up. Generally speaking, these were the two most critical areas on his body.
Needless to say, the skull is his exclusive imperial mark.
The veins on his spine were also remarkable. They were the result of fishing in a foreign sea. Together with Lu Bubu, they discovered a strange man who was pretending to be dead in a cracked cave in the void at the bottom of the sea, and carved the keel of his spine.
That time was really dangerous. If he hadn’t been calm enough, faked it, and lured an “alien-level blood eater” to the severely injured extreme stranger, he and Lu would have died.
In that battle, the mysterious and supreme stranger used cymbals, a top-notch banned item, to smash the thunder path treasure and devour Lei Hong, the ancestor of the Lightning Beast clan.
On that day, Wang Xuan felt no guilt because the Lightning Beast Clan was originally chasing him.
At this moment, his skull and spine were connected and resonated with the sacred light, and then Wang Xuan scratched Li Lin’s spine, and through his fingertips, textures spread into her flesh and blood.
Instantly, her back glowed, and her spine resonated.
“It’s very strong. This new interpretation of the Imperial Way is very impressive. Did you find anything in the depths of the Origin Sea? This is different from your previous style.”
“Yes.” Wang Xuan nodded, can you not be strong? This is the keel texture of an extremely strange person.
/Under the true saint, that kind of creature is close to invincible!
This is the texture of a quasi-supreme creature. It was recorded by Wang Xuan with his spiritual eye that day. Its priceless value is simply not enough to describe its preciousness.
Li Lin’s dress, woven with white star silk, was slightly parted at the back, revealing the delicate white spine, making it easier for him to carve textures.
Wang Xuan had no expression on his face. He wrote something quickly and ended it quickly. He ignored it and said, “Let’s stop it here. The rest is not yet mature.”
He was slightly nervous, because at the last moment, he felt a slight tremor on the other person’s soft back. If he hadn’t triggered his supernatural sense, he wouldn’t have noticed it at all.
/“Yeah!” Li Lin nodded.
“I’m going to the depths of the Origin Sea. Let’s exchange information next time.” Wang Xuan turned around and left.
After leaving the Origin Thousand Fantasy Golden Shell, he instantly jumped into the golden vortex and quickly disappeared.
He felt that at the last moment, his perception was correct. The other party’s body had a slight abnormal reaction. Either the consciousness of the soul was returning, or the light of the soul was aware of it.
The screen of the strange mobile phone was filled with white fog, and a wine glass was pouring wine into it. It was obviously tasting wine. It looked experienced and said, “Have you heard of it? High-end hunters often appear in the form of prey.”