ng Yusheng said.

Soon after, his physical body and part of his soul remained here. The main soul disappeared and went straight into the highest spiritual world, cautiously approaching the supreme spiritual battlefield.
“In the battlefield, there are traces of Dao rules left by the old guy from the Tattoo Palace. It seems that his true form has indeed come over. It would be wonderful if he could be killed here.”
Wang Yusheng has special perception, otherwise, he would not have caused such a big disturbance, but he has always been safe and sound.
Even the True Saint was alerted and pursued him, but he was able to avoid danger in advance and escaped death.
Now, he uses this kind of perception to determine whether the true saints of the four religions are all in the mysterious battlefield covered by the Yuan Shen Formation.
“I don’t know the direction of the war here. I don’t know what the dead want to do at the moment. However, the orthodoxy of the Tattoo Palace is going to be broken. I’m sure.” Wang Yusheng disappeared silently.
/It has been 53 years since the original bloody war broke out, but Wang Xuan only fought for 10 years and left the battlefield very early.
After being promoted to the 9th heaven level, he came out of seclusion after a little consolidation to relieve his slightly tired spirit. This time he studied the “Cause and Effect Silkworm Sutra” and “Destiny Cicada Sutra” and integrated them with his own original methods, which was quite consuming. Mental effort.
In addition, the one-sixth of the Supreme Sutras that were solemnly exchanged for him from ancient times to the present were extremely mysterious and profound. He used them to refine the hourglass, Liu Breaking Formation, etc., which was quite tiring.
The days after he came out of seclusion, he lived a very leisurely life. If he had nothing to do, he would watch the battle situation in the Death Star Sea. There were two supreme holy insects working for him, so he didn’t have to worry at all.
/In fact, after the Karma Silkworm and the Destiny Cicada possessed the Hunyuan Divine Mud, the twin insects and the Blood Mud were enough to push across the heaven-level area, and even penetrate into the super-peerless area.
Recently, two holy insects personally executed the two women and one man in Twilight Wonders.
That was no ordinary creature. It had been recorded in the history of extraordinary beings and was very famous. It was an incredible 5-level prodigy several centuries ago, and it had already become a top alien when it died.
However, now they are all killed by “Kong Xuan” in one day!
This caused quite a stir among the stars.
Wang Xuan’s real body also personally watched the battle to hunt down and execute the traitors. He appeared in the image of his current “real body” Lu Renjia and typed: 666 on the screen on the live broadcast platform.
He cheered and watched happily. This kind of confrontation was so hearty that the pores in his body relaxed after watching it.
“This is a celebrity. Lu Renjia is here. He is as famous as Kong Xua