tion of the formation is the five fairy islands, and is inspired by the four spirits and five elephants. The power is strong enough to open up the world, so it is not tolerated by the heavens and can only be used in the fairyland outside the three realms.

The more he listened, the more frightened he became, wondering whether there was a relationship between this formation and the Lotus of Creation.
“Tao friendly eyesight, this formation does have a slight causal relationship with the Lotus of Creation.”
Both are invincible, so there is little point in concealing it. Once the trump card is revealed, the opponent will definitely see the clues. Huangdi in the middle palace knew this and took the initiative to explain the reason to make himself look more unpredictable.
/The effect was very good, so good that Li decided to join forces with Qi Li Jing and Lu Bei. The Yellow Emperor in Zhonggong went too far and was not an ideal ally.
Moreover, he is so good at pretending that he annoys people!
The grand formation slowly unfolds, and the Five Elements are a foregone conclusion.
Huang Di in the middle palace raised his hand and took out a book from his arms, knocked it down into the void, fell into the formation and disappeared.
With sharp eyes, he could see three words written on the cover of the book. They were words he had never seen before, but they were square and square, and they were closely related to the words in the world of immortality.
“This book is called ‘Bang Shen Bang’. Pindao found it in Taisu Wuji Heaven. According to Pindao, this book should belong to that person.”
The Yellow Emperor in the middle palace stroked his beard and said no more.
Halfway through his words, he stopped abruptly, which made An quite unhappy.
In the Great Five Elements Zhoutian dust formation, Lu Bei used his magical powers to keep his mind clear. Boundless illusions came through, but they were all shattered by his punches. In front of him, a palace door was ajar, and someone’s voice came out.
He stepped forward and pushed the door open with both hands.
The sky and the earth were spinning, the feeling of distress spread throughout the limbs and bones, and all the power in his body disappeared, as if he had returned to his mortal body before cultivating immortality.
“Your Majesty is awake!”
“Look, the king’s eyes are moving!”
Who is it? The sweet voice sounds strangely familiar.
“The king is awake!”
Lu Bei closed his eyes, then opened them again, and the scenery in front of him changed instantly.
The treasure tent is whirling, the bead curtain is rolled up high, the golden furnace is full of auspicious mist, and the fragrance of sandalwood and musk is thick. The palace maid is standing aside with a treasure fan. The family is very wealthy, and the main thing is to create an inhumane trench.
“Unfamiliar ceiling.”
Lu Bei’s head was buzzing and he said the usual sentence.
His body was as heavy as a stone, and he had no magic power. He was lying limply on a big bed, covered with a single quilt from Cai Luan Chao Dou,