If it is true that he is an escaped prisoner from the Demon Suppressing Cave, and you just let him go because you are not a bully, will you regret it or not? Furthermore, he wants to continue my Xie family As a person who practices a secret technique, if I don’t understand the cause and effect clearly, I won’t be happy in my heart!”

When the words fell, without waiting for Xie Jiang’s hesitation to react, Xie Chengqiong raised his hand and pressed it on Xie Jiang’s shoulder. Immediately, the curtain of the sutra building opened, and suddenly a spiritual light enveloped him. The two of them fell straight to the ground.
At this time, there seemed to be a sound of surprise and suspicion in the layer of clouds, but before the man’s words were actually heard, in an instant, in the dark layer of clouds and mist, there was suddenly a continuous thunderous light.
When he looked again, it was Old Fan who was holding a copper bell in his hand and shaking it continuously, laying a thunder array in the sky.
At the same time, Mr. Fan’s voice also sounded.
“Clean it up as soon as possible! Then let’s raid the formation for Qiniang! Although Qiniang was a little crazy in her early years, she has never been a person who doesn’t care about the overall situation, and her actions must have their own reasons. Just now, I just wanted to have a clear idea for myself, but in fact I didn’t really reason with Qiniang, I owe you some favors, you guys, you have to teach me to pay it off before I die!”
When the words fell, except for the roar of thunder, there were no other words.
At this time, as thunder exploded, Chu Weiyang was fighting with a group of demonic snakes. Suddenly, a spiritual light fell from the clouds and suddenly hit him in front of him.
The thunder is still echoing, as if to set off the grand scene before us.
When he looked at it, smoke, dust and mud suddenly splashed all over the sky, and the next moment, a bloody curtain suddenly hung across the sky and the earth.
In a blink of an eye, as the spiritual light fell, all the monster beasts lying in front of the cultivators were slaughtered in one breath.
The monk’s Gao Miao Qi Machine shines through the hole, and in the next moment, the large monster beasts that were originally about to attack from further away suddenly stiffened, and then completely lost their intelligence. Driven by instinct, they all He turned around and fled to the opposite direction.
It was at this time that the figures of Xie Chengqiong and Xie Jiang appeared in the spiritual light.
Suddenly, the majestic Qi pressure came towards Chu Weiyang to suppress it.
/It was like an invisible strong wind and huge waves were coming towards us. For a brief moment, Chu Weiyang’s hand suddenly loosened, and the oil-paper umbrella that Chu Weiyang had been holding in his hand from beginning to end just fell away and fell into the mud. , dyed gray and black.
The cultivators were still outside this coercion, but there was still a little bit of energy leaking out, causing a deathly silence all