ed to carry Wang Xuan all the way to the Demon Court to report the good news. It is estimated that his master had thought about and studied the Lu Breaking Domain, but to no avail. Now his “grandson” has been realized and verified!

“I have absorbed a lot of Taoist charms!” Leng Mei smiled, both cold and charming. On weekdays, people only saw her iceberg beauty, but now she is smiling like a flower.
As an “aunt”, she also felt a sense of accomplishment, but this “nephew” did not treat her as an elder. If no one was present, she would probably have to throw another dirty clothes to her to wash.
“I’ve also absorbed Maverick, there are many benefits.” Fudaoniu agreed.
Wang Xuan broke the limit 6 times. What he broke was an unprecedented limit, which made everyone present have different feelings.
As strong as Wu Liuji, he was extremely satisfied at this moment, and his heart problems were gone. Even when he saw those Tao Yun disintegrating, he absorbed every strand of it.
/For example, the 6 mutated golden vortexes are extremely impressive. There are also hourglasses, Tao trees, Guixu space, etc., which may mean some authority. Even if you can’t control it, swallowing some of it will be of great benefit to your own enlightenment in the future.
In fact, even if Qingmu has not yet become an immortal, he was reminded by Fang Yuzhu that absorbing the scattered Taoist charm does not necessarily have to be integrated in large quantities. A trace of it is enough to enlighten people.
After all, hourglasses, Tao trees, etc. are all legends. Once they appear throughout the ages, they have extremely significant meanings, not just as simple as one road after another.
“At this moment, I don’t think I’m at a disadvantage, even if I call you…” Li Xu just opened his mouth and was beaten. It was impossible to say the next words. His aunt rolled his eyes and almost fainted on the spot.
The strange mobile phone object did not move in the distance, and the chaotic fog flowed. I really saw the “Lupoxian”. It had more thoughts than others because it understood the essential issues involved.
Even Wu Liuji and Li Lin would not realize how far-reaching the impact of the Lu Po field was. Only the mobile phone Qiwu understood that profound change.
“What does 6 breaks mean? Can you locate the last one?” His heart palpitated and trembled, and a pale face appeared on the screen with a complicated expression, and finally a little excited.
If Lu Po has no influence, why have the supreme true saints personally intervened and experimented with geniuses throughout the ages? This validation is not a whim!
Wang Xuan was naturally very happy to be able to break through this realm. At the last moment, it was indeed extremely dangerous. Those six mutated golden vortexes blocked the road. It would be absolutely terrifying to cut off the road. At that moment, he deeply realized that this was not a test or a tribulation, but that it was really going to destroy him.
He talked to a group of people about his feelings throughout the process.
In other