re myths originate and try to gain something.”

The brown-haired man Yu Teng nodded without saying anything. He was the boring gourd type. Of course, this is only his external performance here. How can someone who can become a supreme being be an ordinary person?
“Yeah.” Lu Po nodded, put down his fishing rod, got up, sat cross-legged on the grass, and drank tea with a few people.
Wang Xuan could see that this man had the demeanor of a big boss. He was not boring, but spoke only at critical moments. He was quiet, old-fashioned and deep.
However, he didn’t think that Lu Po was necessarily the strongest among them. Each of them was on the path to becoming a true saint. Who could know each other’s past?
At the very least, he felt that the four of them were not very familiar with each other, and they were probably not people who had lived together in the same life.
This was Wang Xuan’s conclusion after careful observation based on his six-level perception. This surprised him. A group of people returned, but they were not from the same era, but from different eras?
“First determine whether we are opposed to each other and whether there is anyone opposite.” Hongxiu said. Although they are not far apart, they are not defenseless. At this level, they can teleport out of the planet and enter the starry sky battle.
Wang Xuan had no objection. In fact, he didn’t even know where the source of the myth in the red sleeves was and what he could find, but it shouldn’t be the cross-section world of the 34th Heaven.
The five of them all activated, creating a terrifying spiritual realm and shattering the void. The power of the spiritual origin was guided to the sky, otherwise the land would sink. The sky would twist and collapse, and the scene would be horrifying.
“That’s okay, there’s no one on the other side.” Hongxiu said.
/Obviously, there are rivalries among the small group of creatures who entered the world in this era, and there are different camps and hostile relationships.
“We come from different eras, each has his own roots and his own brilliance, but don’t ask about other people’s past. This is the principle.” Silver-haired Vero said.
Wang Xuan said calmly: “I should have started many times later than the four of you.”
He also thought carefully about it, it would be better to expose his shortcomings as soon as possible, and say something that would be correct no matter how he heard it.
“You can tell, you should become a saint after me.” Even Menghu Yuteng, who didn’t like to talk, nodded.
Hongxiu smiled sweetly and said: “It doesn’t matter which era you come from. It doesn’t matter if you are the new saint who just walked out of here. If you come back to change your path, it doesn’t matter.”
This passage contained valuable information. As Wang Xuan nodded, he thought about the hidden meaning, and his heart was slightly disturbed.
The silver-haired Willow said: “To go to the source of mythology, the more people the better, not the more people the better. If you master the original way, too many teams wi