of the saints, the Extraordinary Center did not trigger a bloody storm. On the contrary, hundreds of schools of thought contended, and the Extraordinary Civilization became more brilliant than ever.

Some strange dojos have sprung up like mushrooms after a rain, and they are all full of vitality, and the entire universe at the center of the myth is thriving.
Wang Xuan had been dormant for 120 years, but he couldn’t bear it anymore and came out under a pseudonym. At this time, he was already a master in the field of breaking the limit three times.
He wanted to see those strange inheritances. Without even thinking about it, they must come from the outer universe.
Finally, waves emerged from the increasingly brilliant extraordinary center.
There is a peerless goddess who challenges the world and seeks defeat at the same level.
There are also strange foxes who visit various Taoist temples in the world and sit down to discuss the Tao. The Tao charm they display along the way has suppressed many strong men.
“In this era, if there are any geniuses in the world who are capable of breaking the limits of dual ultimates, I would like to give you the scriptures and give them a paid battle!”
“The extraordinary center is extremely brilliant. Is there a single extraordinary person? I am eager to see it. I am willing to offer you three scriptures!”
/When Wang Xuan felt this atmosphere and heard these rumors, he realized that the calm lake in the Extraordinary Center was making waves. Could the tranquility of many years be broken?
The evil gods, evil spirits, and giant beasts in the outer universe have been restrained for so many years, and now the entire era is so bright, which makes Wang Xuan feel a little incredible.
“I, Chaohui, a closed disciple of the magician, am willing to compete with all the super masters in the world!” Wang Xuan shouted, and then disappeared.
“Zhaohui is not a person in this world. He was led out of the vortex of time by a supreme spiritual magician. He is suspected to come from an inexplicable era.”
There really was a mysterious creature conducting an investigation to learn about Zhaohui’s past. His expression suddenly changed and he said: “This is a variable. There is definitely another reason. Could it be a strong man who escaped from the eye of the universe in advance? It just happened in an accident.” , haven’t awakened yet? Check it out and find someone to discuss with him!”
“I, the only descendant of ‘Wu’, want to test the world with my sword, who can compete with me?” He pretended to be a disciple of “Wu”, and after creating an impact, he frowned, because it was unclear whether “Wu” had any descendants, and others could not I don’t necessarily believe it.
Then, he shouted: “I, Wang Xuan, the double ultimate limit-breaking body, would like to sit down and discuss the Tao with fellow Taoists from the outer universe!”
Then, he disappeared.
“Spicy chicken!” Wang Xuan cursed secretly, who gave him a higher level? His performance was clearly that of an ultimate limit breaker, but it ac