a scribe with a gentle appearance. His physique was similar to that of Zhu Kui, and he was tall and powerful.

After Zhu Ting heard the origin of the incident, his hand holding the tea remained motionless. He took a sip of hot tea and said calmly: “Over at Huangji Sect, I said hello to Lin Boxian. You accept the punishment and make up for it. This matter It’s over.”
Lin Boxian was the steward of the Huangji Sect in Dashengguan. He had a very high level of cultivation. Zhu Ting and he had been friends for many years. The fact that the Huangji Sect was able to live in harmony with the government in Qi County was closely related to the close personal relationship between the two.
“Uncle, what are you going to do with the spy and Wei Mao? Are you going to leave them alone?” Zhu Kui asked cautiously.
“It’s definitely not possible to just leave it alone. You go to the Wei Mansion tomorrow morning to deliver an invitation. Tomorrow night you come with me to entertain General Wei at Mingyue Tower. As for the spy?”
Zhu Ting pondered for a moment: “Give him some benefits so that he will not work in vain. If he is greedy, tell Huang Ji Zong truthfully and cut the knot quickly, and don’t look for bad luck to add to the problem.”
/“Then my business is gone?”
Zhu Ting sneered twice when he heard this, and slammed the tea cup on the table: “Don’t take small profits at the expense of big benefits. If the business is gone, you can still do it again. If your reputation is bad, you will lose everything. Do you understand?”
“Uncle is teaching you a lesson.” Zhu Kui bowed his head in training and did not dare to contradict him.
“By the way, is there any news from your elder brother?”
“Not yet.”
Zhu Kui shook his head and added: “Counting the time, I should be back in a few days.”
“When he comes back, let him come and see me. I have something I want him to deal with.”
“I see.”
Zhu Kui nodded solemnly, and without asking what he was dealing with, he got the invitation handwritten by Zhu Ting and left the prefect’s mansion in a hurry.
It’s just a relative, but he even invited the prefect, which is really too much.
The drunkard’s intention was not to drink, but Wei Mao felt that there was another mystery to the matter, and it was by no means as simple as making a relationship.
Wei Mao looked at Lu Bei’s name on the invitation and was a little confused for a moment. Zhu Ting was hosting a banquet in Mingyue Tower. There were several explanations for inviting him there. What did it mean to invite Lu Bei there?
You think there are not enough people, why don’t you make up the number?
Wei Mao didn’t know why, but he still chose to go to the banquet. The prefect had to give him face, so he sent a message to his superior, the county captain, and came to Mingyue Tower at the appointed time.
Mingyue Tower is located on the bustling main street, where most wealthy businessmen come and go. As a famous local banquet resort, you must make a reservation and queue up to eat.
It’s a century-old store with such rules that