and powerful figures in certain chaebols who want to have a longer life.”

Although someone made supplements, it still caused an uproar in the experimental class.
History is always surprisingly similar. Throughout the ages, some big figures entering their old age seem to be unwilling to be young and long for a vigorous body.
Back then, Wang Xuan and Qin Cheng whispered and arranged for those big shots.
/“Old men are declining day by day, so they naturally crave youth. Otherwise, how can they appreciate beautiful women? They have hundreds of millions of dollars, but they can no longer squander it. If it were me, I would also like to live another five hundred years!”
“Old ladies are definitely more ruthless than old men. Their years have passed, and their former beauty is now covered with wrinkles. For strong women who have a lot of resources and a strong voice, old age is definitely a natural enemy! If there is a chance, the old man Ladies must be crazier than old men and will try their best to regain their youth!”
At that time, several young men and women from Xinxing all rolled their eyes after hearing the whispers of the two, because it seemed to involve some of their elders.
Those old people are very urgent. They don’t have much time and no time to waste. They urgently need to research and produce results.
Therefore, the old art experimental classes only select college students, rather than starting from children. The former are older and have stronger understanding.
Sanjutsu all comes from the old soil, and those organizations and research institutions believe that restoring the research on old techniques from the source may be the best option.
The most important thing is that since all myths and legends originate from the old land, there may be some “mysterious factor” here.
It’s just that this kind of cognition is contrary to the splendid deep space technological civilization and cannot be listed on paper.
However, some old people with astonishing backgrounds seem to particularly believe in these mystical theories in their later years.
What do they want? For a longer lifespan, we hope to explore it from myths and follow the footsteps of our predecessors to pursue the road to immortality.
Although they themselves know when they are calm, this is probably a fantasy, but if they don’t have much time and they have huge resources, why not give it a try?
Therefore, the old soil began to receive attention, and some “research” was carried out one after another, and a large amount of money was invested.
Human nature has been interconnected since ancient times. From the beginning of Emperor Qin to the present, many people are not immune to vulgarity.
Over the years, some old chaebols have been pushing for a “new life” and have funded many research institutions.
Of course, the research on ancient techniques is only one of the directions they focus on. People who have the strength to promote “life change” cannot pin their hopes on just one research.
Over the years, major chaebols have funded various gen