veteran true saint, it still has some courage.

Of course, the main thing is that this is not its true form!
Wang Xuan nodded and told him to be careful.
The white tiger’s body flashed and disappeared directly. It really seemed that he had left the area where the lamp was and set foot on an inexplicable secret path.
“Be careful!” the lamp man reminded.
“Don’t worry, even if the true body of this saint is not present, this is still the body of a pseudo-sage.” The mechanical tengu responded, obviously far away, a bit ethereal.
After a while, a fierce barking sound came: “Ow, oow, woof, woof”
/“What kind of ghosts are these? They are so strong that I am bursting with tears, woof, woof, woof!” Gouzi encountered a blockage in front and ran wildly, roaring again and again.
In the end, half of the white tiger’s head rolled back to the secret road, and the other body parts were scattered in the mysterious land.
The mechanical tengu’s soul was in a state of disarray and came back with half a head. It was ashamed that it had just emerged in that hazy place and was maimed.
What makes it very angry is that those demons and monsters also mock it, saying that it is extremely weak. Is this kind of skill enough for it to embark on the secret road to return to true nature?
“I am a true saint. I am not in the right state today, or I will tear you apart!” It said harsh words before leaving.
“No matter what your dog barks, it doesn’t matter!” Behind it, someone taunted him mercilessly.
What makes the mechanical tengu resentful the most is that there is also a Dalmatian among them. The more he looks at it, the more he looks like a member of the same race. The opponent was in the flesh, but it was harder than its metal body. Not only did he join in the battle, but he also personally tore off one of its mechanical tiger legs.
/“You don’t recognize the dead dog inside. Don’t you see that my ray of spiritual light is similar to your race?” The mechanical tengu was furious and felt very distressed. An exquisite mechanical white tiger body was just broken into pieces.
After a brief fight, the mechanical tengu saw a dog, a giant, and a woman. There should be creatures in the deeper realms, but it didn’t have time to explore.
Miao Gu respected the patriarchs such as Ma, Dao, and Kong. Knowing that they went to explore the place where they returned to their true state, he naturally wanted to see it.
There might be a shortcut here, which was quite astonishing, but to be used as a pathfinder like this, he felt that it was really a bit unfair to him.
Wang Xuan said: “Martial nephew, please go in and take a look. Don’t worry, I’m following you this time. I can’t really put you in a desperate situation.”
Miao Gu hesitated slightly and said: “You should have broken the double six, right? Have you truly achieved the ‘Great Escape’?”
“Yeah.” Wang Xuan nodded.
Miao Gu said: “Tao, Kong, the two ancestors said, when can I thoroughly practice their supreme scriptures and integrate them into one? With the help of the modular Yudao source poo