ly doubted, isn’t this just a fishing line? Along with the scented bait, if there are more golden hooks, it will be worthy of its name.

“I really don’t know what’s going on on the moon.” The ferryman shook his head.
“The Dead Land is one of the oldest secret roads, which means that only the Dead Land can be extraordinary, and the immortals may not have appeared yet.” Wang Xuan opened his mouth and analyzed it carefully.
“In other words, the moon in the sky may die earlier than the immortals?” When Wang Xuan said this, his expression changed.
Now, there are monsters, or people, on the dead moon. Is this fishing?
I don’t understand what’s going on on the moon at all, and Wang Xuan won’t go up there even if he’s beaten to death.
Wang Xuan looked at the Zhangliu Golden Body Technique and said: “What a stupid secret book, it is not as good as the scriptures collected in Lao Zhong’s study. I really think I have never seen the world, take it back!”
While he and the ferryman were dumbfounded, the fishing line moved away, taking away the Zhangliu Golden Body Technique and disappearing into the night sky.
Not long after, the light rained down like flying immortals, and another scripture scroll fell from the sky and came to the sky above the bamboo boat, connected to the fishing line.
“Are you targeting me? You think I’m a fish and you want to catch me?!” Wang Xuan pulled out the dagger and looked at the scripture. If it’s good, you can think about it. If it’s not, go back. .
He looked carefully at the ghost-drawing talisman on the cover of this scripture, and finally understood its meaning through the spiritual imprint: Taichu Qingshen Technique.
He felt that the name was very bluffing and seemed extremely extraordinary. He couldn’t help turning his head to look at the ferryman and asked him if he had heard of this scripture.
“The famous secret book of spiritual training in the early days of Taoism is quite extraordinary. It can be regarded as a high-end secret!” The ferryman said solemnly.
Wang Xuan looked at it again and again, but he still restrained himself and said: “Lao Zhong’s study has a top secret chapter that is more powerful than this one, but this one still doesn’t work.”
Silently, the scriptures moved away again and disappeared into the night sky.
The ferryman said quietly: “Can I ask, who is Lao Zhong and what secrets and secrets does he have in his study?”
At this moment, the fishing line on the moon drooped down again, light rain fell, and a radiant scripture bloomed with Taoist rhymes, flowing with various runes, and slowly fell.
Under the moonlight at night, the fishing line dropped, and another scripture came, quickly reaching the top of the bamboo boat.
Wang Xuan clutched the dagger, not surprised, but frowning. Is the other party really persistent and completely targeting him?
/There was extraordinary radiation only after the appearance of the dead earth, which means that the dead moon is older than the immortals.
“What kind of monster is up there? It’s actually fishing on the moon.” Wan