xtraordinary planets.

Moreover, this person took the initiative to come to the secret place this time to talk to Lao Hu about something.
“I come from the fairy world!” Finally, he told himself his origin.
As soon as these words came out, they immediately caused a commotion and broke the tranquility of the scene. Everyone opened their eyes in surprise and became restless.
A living immortal? !
Obviously, there are not many returning immortals in the big curtain corresponding to these three extraordinary planets, otherwise, they would not have such expressions.
“Oh, where are you in the immortal world?” Wang Xuan asked.
“It’s close to the quasi-peerless level.” The old man said calmly.
/The ninth level of ascending to immortality can be called quasi-peerless, also known as demon sage, heavenly immortal, etc. The next level up is the great realm of Mutian, which is the true peerless level.
The old man’s words really caused a sensation. Is this a quasi-celestial, demon-sage-level ancestor?
“I am an immortal cultivator who came out of Heluo Star. Today, I feel a little sad to see the younger generation in such a bad state, and I can’t help but take action.” He said calmly.
He looked at Wang Xuan and said: “I have always defended my shortcomings. Today I just want to stand up for the younger generation. You don’t want to say that I am unreasonable. This is my character. Come on.”
Under the current general environment, he was infinitely close to the second floor of Xiaoyaoyou. He was seriously damaged when crossing the boundary. Coupled with the shock after shock, he stabilized in this state.
However, whether it is him or other extraordinary beings, they all have reason to believe that his ancestor, who has almost set foot on the second level of Xiaoyaoyou, is far more powerful than people of the same realm. During this period, he was repeatedly knocked down Realm and Taoism are also being consolidated.
“This is a typical example of you being unreasonable and unreasonable. That’s very good. I don’t want to leave you behind. Come on!” Wang Xuan said, quite coldly.
“Senior”, whether it was Zhao Qinghan or Wu Yin, quickly transmitted the message to the old fox and asked it to make the decision, fearing that Wang Xuan’s blood would stain the ground.
/Although they realized that Wang Xuan was very strong, and after half a year, he seemed to have made a miraculous improvement, and was praised by the old foxes, but it was hard for them to imagine that he could fight against creatures close to the level of gods and demon saints.
At this moment, the people of Yuhua, Euler, and Heluo are looking forward to it. There should be no suspense about the ancient immortal ancestor-level creatures coming forward strongly, right? !
Their moods were ups and downs. Now, many people breathed a sigh of relief and felt that there was no problem. Today’s weird and depressive atmosphere should be broken.
The old man didn’t say much. His entire right arm glowed, like a heavenly sword reviving, emitting a dazzling light. With a cold exp