hey fully recover, they may go crazy. For example, Yang in the wonderful scene of death on the 3rd is somewhat active at the moment.”

“The Nine Realms of Yang are extinguished. At present, the Six Realms of Yin are inevitable. However, in the extraordinary annihilation, it always feels like these true kings are also waiting for some kind of opportunity.”
The ancestors analyzed it carefully and gradually guessed something.
/They suspected that the six realms of Yin and the Six Realms might be rotten ships that were destined to be abandoned after being used by the True King. The True King was only temporarily crossing with the sinking bamboo raft, and there was still need for it at the moment.
“Their ultimate destination, presumably the real place, is said to have dissipated and may not exist anymore, but that’s obviously not the case.”
A group of old guys made various studies and judgments based on the information about the Yangjiu Realm provided by Wang Xuan and the incomplete information they dug out from the road to return to the truth.
“When the Yang Jiu Realm was extinguished, the nine extraordinary sources were miserable. However, perhaps it was precisely because of the moment when the nine rotten ships were destroyed that the real land appeared. The strongest people in the ancient times obtained some amazing things. The benefits. And in this process, there is a real battle. Of course, 90% of the strong people are just accompanying runners.”
Even the ancestors believed that the true kings from the extraordinary source were only reading and running with them back then, and were not the protagonists of that era. Now it is their turn to recover from their injuries and become bigger.
“The True King is the protagonist of this era?!”
Obviously, the ancestors discussed it together and reached some surprising conclusions.
They are exploring and restoring what happened after the Yangjiu Realm was extinguished, so as to look at the direction of the Yinliu Realm.
Wang Xuan frowned. As a powerful Lu Breaker, he also belonged to the highest level. He was listening. According to the analysis of a group of old monsters, the future was worrying.
“The True King from the No. 1 Extraordinary Source, I know you are back.” The first-generation Beast King spoke. As a three-time True Returner, he just tried to communicate with the giant from the Extraordinary Source. The other party was still indifferent, calm, and did not give too much. feedback of.
“The True King is indeed very strong. It’s not surprising that he can find us. I just hope that we can stay in peace with each other as before.” Ma said.
Since their return, they have felt the great blessings of the entire world. After the two extraordinary sources merged, they could slowly improve their Taoism, and they really couldn’t bear to retreat.
/In fact, the fusion of the mobile phone wonder object and the emptiness of the void should be able to officially set foot on the level of returning to the truth three times in a short time, because it is almost breaking throu