“Do you have anything to say?” Zhao Qinghan has a slender figure, a delicate face, and a smile.
“You have said everything that needs to be said, what do you want me to say?” Wang Xuan stared at her, watching her red lips slightly curled up, becoming more and more beautiful in the morning glow. He always felt that as a man, she was taking the lead, too. Passive.
“I feel like I’ve been teased by you, and I want to take it back.” As he said that, Wang Xuan held up her face without hesitation and kissed her hard and white side directly.
Then, he kissed the bright and sexy red lips, but just a light touch was blocked by beautiful fingers.
Wang Xuan didn’t force himself and changed his face.
/In this way, he feels that he has not embarrassed his male compatriots, but has returned double the amount, and is no longer so passive.
She glared at Wang Xuan, why did she use so much strength!
/“People who practice the Golden Body Technique have good physical fitness!” Wang Xuan smiled brightly.
At this time, both of them noticed something unusual and turned around quickly, just in time to see Grandmaster Ma’s big head leaning over, his eyes deep, peeping at the two of them mysteriously.
“This horse is really a spirit. It ran over without making a sound. Look at its expression. What was it thinking?!” Wang Xuan slapped it and pushed it away.
Zhao Qinghan was careful and surprised, and said: “Hey, the sides of the white pony’s body are bulging. Is it going to grow wings?”
Wang Xuan observed carefully and said: “It has actually developed a second time. Okay, you can quickly turn into a Pegasus and then carry us across the sky and go for a spin in the depths of the dense land.”
Grandmaster Ma was arrogant, raised his head, and looked down at the sky, ignoring Wang Xuan.
Wang Xuan glanced at the ground not far away. The great master of Heluo Star had died long ago and was trampled to death by the white pony.
Next, Wang Xuan walked through the dense forest, not only taking off the armor of the four great masters, but also searching their bodies to collect various other valuable trophies.
Then, he found an opportunity to take out a piece of the Ora star’s battle suit from the fragments of the blessed land and gave it to Zhao Qinghan.
“There is a lot of armor. I will also wear armor for Grandmaster Ma later.” Wang Xuan said.
Zhao Qinghan took over the battle clothes and armor, and asked Wang Xuan to take off his Ora Star battle clothes. She wanted to wash the clothes and armor carefully several times in the clear spring.
Then, she saw Wang Xuan’s inner body, actually wearing bark underwear, and she couldn’t help but laugh!
What can Wang Xuan say? He turned around and went to look for those iron arrows throughout the dense forest. He couldn’t stay in this place any longer.
He thought the Archer’s weapons were good and he could keep them for use.
When he came back, he found that Zhao Qinghan was carefully cleaning every piece of battle clothes and armor, and immediately said: “There is no need to wash the armor worn