sters since the moment it was born and climbed out of the urn. The blood gift given by nature has allowed them to at least be in a complete state. Within the great realm, there is no need to consider any bottlenecks in cultivation.

Eat, drink and sleep.
Eat hard, drink hard, sleep hard.
This is their practice.
Chu Weiyang pinned his hopes on accumulating the White Jade Serpent’s cultivation level as soon as possible. Even if faced with the danger of the Jade Serpent devouring its master, Chu Weiyang did not want to face someone’s almost subconscious murderous intent. What a ghostly look of contempt!
Maybe Yan Jianming never really thought about killing Chu Weiyang, but at that moment, Chu Weiyang really thought about killing Yan Jianming!
But he endured it.
Just like he said himself.
Those seemingly intense and intense emotions cannot solve any problems.
Continue walking for a while.
Suddenly, from the basket behind him, Steward Ma leaned out with his arms supporting the edge.
Such an action meant that Yan Jianming was no longer following Ma Guanshi’s search and induction.
“Killing a monk who is at the peak of his Qi refining stage is not as difficult as you think. If you are fully prepared, you can kill him with just one strike of your Jingzhe sword. You don’t need a jade snake.”
“It’s not that I still look down on the “Green Bamboo Alchemy Sutra”. In fact, when it comes to using the Jade Snake, there is no possibility of success. In the realm of Qi refining, the gap between monks and monsters is really too big.”
“Of course, if you want to be safe, maybe use the Jingzhe sword or the Qingming sword. The sword intention itself will be more profound and the certainty will be higher!”
“But just like the question you asked Yan Jianming, you also have to ask yourself.”
“This is not a common scumbag hanging around in Heyuanfang City.”
“This is the monk who works for Mother Danxia in Tingchang Mountain.”
“Are you really ready to kill him?”
/After hearing this, it was Chu Weiyang’s brief silence that responded to Guanshi Ma.
After a moment, Chu Weiyang shook his head very calmly.
“Kill him, then the only way left is to go to Zhenhai Daocheng.”
“But I was actually thinking about another question.”
“I always feel that you can’t just wait for things to change.”
“The last accident I was waiting for was the collapse of the Demon Suppressing Cave. In order to wait for this accident, I was trapped in the cave for countless years and became seriously ill.”
“Is it possible to wait a few more years this time? I’m afraid there won’t be that kind of margin left for me anymore.”
“And in life, there are many times when you are waiting, and what you are waiting for will not be chance changes, but more and more troubles and causes and effects.”
“If you are poor, you will change. If you change, you will be successful. If you are popular, you will be long-lasting.”
“For example, if the eldest young master of the Chunyu family disappears into this vast wilderness with Yan Jianming, what will happen next?”
“For anoth