. What is going on?” Wang Xuan took the opportunity to ask for advice.

“You must be on the black list, and your reputation is probably not weak. You can use this black reputation to get on the gold list!” The ferryman responded angrily.
/The so-called gold list may be a hot list, not a simple combat power list?
Wang Xuan was stunned. Who was so bored that he wrote a black account for him?
Lao Chen said: “My physical activity has surged, and I may have to break through here.”
“Old Chen, are you still in the foggy stage?” Wang Xuan asked.
If this is the case, it would be a bit of a loss for Lao Chen to come in, because when he was in the old land, Lao Chen once said that he was powerful in the spiritual field and could easily enter the Randen level, and he was about to break through.
“Have you already lit the lamp?” Wang Xuan was surprised.
“It was the breakthrough in the secret area a few days ago!” Old Chen nodded.
The four levels of mist, burning lamp, life earth, and medicinal herbs are the four universal levels that Lao Chen once said.
There is no doubt that if Lao Chen breaks through again here, he will enter the realm of life and earth.
The ferryman sneered and said nothing.
When Wang Xuan heard this, he was in a daze.
Lao Chen explained: “I think there are more or less problems with the ancient practice methods. I’m afraid of misleading you, so I didn’t mention the big realm behind it.”
Wang Xuan said: “I will not be misled, I just want to know, how many realms did ancient practitioners have?”
“From the pre-Qin alchemists to the Taoists, in that period, there were actually four major realms.” The ferryman said leisurely. He had the best say because he was the one who experienced it.
Wang Xuan humbly asked for advice, wanting to know the level of strength of the ancients.
The ferryman told me that the four realms in ancient times were: the human world, Xiaoyaoyou, the health keeper, and the immortal.
Wang Xuan was still full of doubts. There were only these four realms. He asked directly, where is the Earth Immortal?
“There is a huge difference in strength between the big realms and it is difficult to cross. Therefore, each big realm has more or less small realms.” The ferryman explained.
According to him, Earth Immortal is just a small realm in Xiaoyaoyou.
It should be noted that in this era, all earthly immortals have become extinct!
Lao Chen was not afraid at all and said directly: “There was something wrong with the way of the ancients. Their division was not very standardized and needs to be improved by future generations.”
The ferryman glanced at him but didn’t care.
Wang Xuan continued to ask for advice on what the major realms involved.
“The human world, based on the present world, has just stepped into the extraordinary realm. Travel freely and explore the spiritual world. As you have heard, Yaochi, Pure Land of Bliss, Buzhou Mountain, Guanghan Palace, etc. all belong to the extremely high-level spiritual world. Health master, forget it. , what I said may really misle