ut the divine sense and so on are very keen.

Willow thought and said: “This situation is scary. Earlier they were following a certain trajectory and operating in their own exclusive areas. It’s scary to think about it.”
Then, he said in a deep voice: “Especially now, some extraordinary centers have broken away from the track of fate, started to escape, and met each other, the future has become unpredictable, and it may be very scary!”
For a moment, they were quiet.
After a while, Lu Po said: “Where did the leading brother go? I haven’t seen him for a long time.”
In hell, the leader in Lu Po’s mouth was filled with divine glory. After being reborn, Wang Xuan was spotless and put on clean clothes.
“The ancients said that if you are handsome, you will never deceive me.” He said to himself, looked at himself, and then looked at the “drug residue” in the bottles and jars. It was really like that.
Although the broken bones and blackened skin were all ground into powder by him, the purity of the medicine was too high, and even with the shrewdness of Vero’s monsters, he would definitely have to think wildly. It is suspected that the remains of Wang Xuan after he got the Lupo magic medicine to overcome the tribulation are considered good. If these people think deeply, it will be very difficult for Wang Xuan to lie.
“Then dilute it.” He landed on the ground and scraped the entire vast area of ??charred black land. This time the amount was large enough. I don’t know how many tons it was.
Wang Xuan mixed the scorched earth in different bottles and jars, and shook it evenly with the medicinal residue.
“Well, if you give it away like this, it will look grand. Just raise your hand and give away one or two tons, which sounds very elegant.” He was very satisfied.
Wang Xuan destroyed all the remaining traces of the place of overcoming the tribulation, filled up the boundless abyss created by the thunder, and left.
He walked in hell, admiring all kinds of exotic flowers and plants that he had not seen for many years, and looking at the giant cities left behind by different civilizations. He entered the desert, and then crossed the ice sheet.
As he walked, he disappeared, entering the fog that no one else could see but only he could sense.
In his early years, he practiced the “True Sutra”, which is the Dafa for mental illness, and understood special areas such as fog. Later, as his Taoism grew, he realized that this was also related to Lu Po.
/This is because a special mist can appear around those who are single-level broken, such as Shou, Beast Demon, and Ge. This means that after the true level is broken, some roads and some areas are connected. The strong are returning to their true nature and uniting. , aware of the nature of all worlds.
Wang Xuan looked into the deepest part of the fog, and the light source was still so mysterious, hazy, holy, and never extinguished all year round. In the outer area of ??the light source, at the edge, there is a crystal clear lake with flowing clouds and mist, and a small boat parked