risoners. “Start Over” has become so popular in the prison!”

“I thought it was quite appropriate to release “Start Over” after Fish Daddy lost the Battle of the Gods, but I didn’t expect that this song would be even more appropriate on such an occasion!”
“Many of Fish Daddy’s songs have exerted social influence now!”
“It’s not about social influence. The song “Good Luck Comes” was played in our streets and alleys. Now all the stores opening and tailoring use this song!”
“There is also the square dancing craze driven by “The Most Dazzling Ethnic Style”!”
Lin Yuan thought for a moment, and it was true.
First it was square dancing, then it was the opening ribbon cutting, and now it’s the prison chorus.
/These extremely popular songs that I have released seem to have a great social influence.
In a sense, the achievements of these songs and their success in breaking out of the circle are more successful than winning the season chart!
After all, the honor of winning the season rankings is just a recognition from the music industry.
But songs that have an impact on society can really affect the lives of ordinary people!
At this time.
Another comment appeared in the comment area:
“I am a prison guard in a prison in Qizhou. This morning, the leader suddenly issued a notice, asking us to organize the prisoners to collectively learn Xianyu’s new song “Start Over”. This is to use Yu Daddy’s new song to provide ideological education to the prisoners. .”
Immediately afterwards.
Many people who claimed to be prison guards said that similar situations occurred in the prisons they were responsible for.
Suddenly, netizens laughed like crazy.
“Is this an official promotion of Fish Daddy’s new song?”
“Although the promotion channels are a bit special, can it be considered as compensation for Fish Daddy?”
“Literary and Art Association: We won’t favor one over another. Last month we promoted Yang Zhongming’s song, so let’s help you Xianyu to promote it this month.”
“Prison leader: Xianyu, I can only help you so far.”
“If you ask me in the future who is the most popular songwriter in Blue Star, I may not be able to tell you, but if you ask me who the most famous songwriter in prison is, I can tell you accurately, it’s that fish!”
“The angle is tricky and the thinking is clear!”
“Xianyu has achieved an achievement that no other Qu dad has unlocked, and that is social influence!”
Although everyone’s comments are somewhat ridiculing, the sentiments are also real.
These Xianyu songs have indeed begun to have a certain social influence.
The power of art is so powerful sometimes.
This gave Lin Yuan a wake-up call.
If there is an opportunity in the future, we should continue to release some socially influential songs so that they can truly be enjoyed by both refined and popular people.
In the next few days, the Korean people gradually became familiar with the culture of Qin, Qi, Chu, and Yan.
at the same time.
Netizens of Qin Qi Chu Yan also began to get in touch with Korean culture.
Among them, Kore