This is the same as on a film crew. A great actor can make a young director listen to him.
Unusual situations are not discussed here.
Because the judges invited by “The King of Masked Singer” are all top people in the music industry, including Qu Dad.
No singer can be greater than Qu Daddy, not even the king of singers and the queen of singers.
Because kings of singers and queens of songs are created by music dads. Without music dads, where would the king of singers be?
“Let’s put some news out there.”
Program director Tong Shuwen said with a smile: “We are also waiting impatiently outside.”
The assistant director nodded.
same day.
The King of Masked Singer program team announced a message:
As soon as the news came out, the outside world was really shocked, not only because the show finally announced the recording date, but also because of the singer information revealed in the show
“finally come!”
“A-list singer?”
“King of Singers and Queen of Singers!?”
“It’s not in vain that I’ve been waiting for so long. It doesn’t matter if top singers are competing on the same stage. There is actually a king and queen of singers!”
“The judges are also awesome, and Qu’s dad is leading the way!”
“Damn it, Qu Daddy is a dragon that never sees its end. They are all giants behind the scenes. There are no creatures like Qu Daddy that appear in ordinary music programs!”
“10,000 times better than “Blooming” Niubi!”
“I remember that “In Bloom” seemed to invite music dads to sit in the finals. These music dads are all top music industry leaders. As long as the evaluation must be truthful, they are not afraid of offending the singer at all. Unlike those ordinary judges who only Just be a good old guy and talk nonsense with your eyes closed.”
Who says no one is paying attention behind the scenes?
Some behind the scenes, the outside world is also very interested.
For example, some of the top directors in the film and television industry and top screenwriters in the core system.
Another example is the music dads in the music industry.
So as soon as the program team released the news, everyone inside and outside the circle was shocked. Everyone was firmly attracted by the sense of anticipation created by the program team!
/In a certain community.
Sun Yaohuo called his manager and asked a question: “Why do you think I have always been popular but not popular?”
The agent said without hesitation.
Sun Yaohuo’s face suddenly darkened: “Look at me with your dog eyes, am I not 10,000 times more handsome than you?”
“Don’t worry.”
The manager smiled: “I mean, your appearance is too ordinary in our entertainment industry. Although everyone pays more attention to the singer’s strength, no one will deny that appearance adds to the artist.”
/“Where’s the voice?”
“not bad.”
“Then if I cover my face and sing”
“You want to be on that show?”
The agent said: “I think it’s a good idea. This show is very suitable for you. The audience can’t see your face, so they will pay attention to your