ng said: “Give me some face.”

Lu Sheng raised his eyebrows.
Lin Yuan didn’t speak at the side, but the meaning was completely understood through the conversation between the three of them.
Uncle Yang and Aunt Zheng believed that since they dared to challenge for twelve consecutive championships, they should have a trump card in their hands.
The so-called trump card is often the top song that a composer is most confident in!
/Any songwriter would choose to release such a song at the most critical moment.
For Lin Yuan right now, the most critical moment is the battle of the gods at the end of this year.
Now Lu Sheng came out halfway.
The two elders were worried that they would throw out the cards they had prepared for the battle of the gods in advance.
After all, this is Lu Sheng, the Qudad among Qudads.
It is basically impossible to defeat the opponent without using your trump card.
But once Lin Yuan uses the songs prepared for the battle of gods, what will happen at the end of the year?
To know.
In the wave at the end of the year, the opponent Lin Yuan will face may be on the same level as Lu Sheng.
What if you don’t use your trump card?
Losing in November was even more painful.
This is a paradox.
In November and December, there are wolves in front and tigers in the back.
This is what Yang Zhongming and Zheng Jing worry about.
So they approached Lu Sheng, hoping to make him take a step back and not force Lin Yuan’s trump card in advance.
Realize this.
Lin Yuan was a little dumbfounded.
He could completely understand the concerns of the two, and was even very moved. After all, using conventional logical thinking to judge and analyze, the concerns of the two elders were completely reasonable.
It is oneself who is irrational.
Rather, it is the system that is irrational.
In November and December, there are indeed wolves in front and tigers in the back.
However, the prerequisites for the three people in front of them were completely wrong.
It is true that there is a wolf in front and a tiger in the back.
But who said there was only one bullet in his gun?
In November, what if I use a trump card against Lu Sheng?
I am very well prepared for the battle of gods at the end of the year.
Lin Yuan’s mind was spinning and he analyzed the situation. Just when he was about to speak, Lu Sheng suddenly laughed.
“Brother Zhong Ming’s face must be given, but”
Lu Sheng’s voice changed: “I’ve always been conceited, especially since Sister Jing also said that the song Xianyu prepared for the Battle of the Gods can beat me, so why don’t we compare and see if Sister Jing’s judgment is true.”
Zheng Jing was unhappy: “You didn’t mean to give Lao Yang face, why are you still competing? Besides, I just said that Xiao Yuer’s trump card might beat you, but I didn’t say for sure.”
“Sister Jing, don’t worry.”
Lu Sheng suddenly looked at Lin Yuan: “Withdrawing from the November season rankings is like letting you step on me to fight in the war of the gods. By then, the entire Internet will probably say tha